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XY Magazine

XY also has a home page on the Internet. You can check it out at: XY Magazine

XY is an Australian magazine focused on men and masculinities. In XY you'll find both personal stories of men's lives and discussions of masculinity and the changing relations between men and women. XY is published quarterly in Australia.

XY publishes a variety of writing on men and masculinity. Our editorial guidelines are as follows: "XY affirms a healthy, life-loving, non-oppressive masculinity, and supports the men's networks for change in Austrlalia. XY is a space for the exploration of issues of gender and sexuality, and practical discussion of the hows and whys of personal and social change. XY is male-positive, pro-feminist and gay-affirmative."

XY is not sponsored by Coca-Cola. In fact, the magazine is non-profit and produced by a group of volunteers.

Subscriptions for 1 year/4 issues are $41 (air mail) or $24 (sea mail). For 2 years/8 issues, it is $58 (air mail) or $37 (sea mail). All subscriptions must be in Australian dollars, payable to "XY Account". Subscriptions commence with the next issue so allow up to 12 weeks for your first copy to arrive. Sample copies are $10 each.

Send all correspondence to PO Box 26, Ainslie ACT 2602, Australia. Phone/fax [06] 248 5215. E-mail: michael.flood@anu.edu.au

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