G-7 Performance

Cirque du

The show presented at the G-7 Summit in Halifax called on the traditional magic of the Cirque du Soleil.

In the show, spectators discovered the importance of freeing the magic in each of us. In order to do so, the performers triggered the encounter of two drastically different words: Imagination, the kingdom of fantasies, and Everyday Life, a land of limited horizons.

In fantasy land, the King of Fools (Marc Proulx) greeted the Socials, who were ordinary people. In the circus ring, which is the heart of Imagination's power, the socials were transformed into acrobats, setting free the courage and madness found in each one of us.

In a colourful whirl of world-class performances, all these characters shared with the audience the magic of the fantastic universe of the circus. Accompanied by the Queen of the Night, the King of Fools opened the door to an imaginary world. Together, they changed Everyday Life into a magic and festive universe. Amused by everything, the King of Fools surprised everyone with his drive, energy and adaptability.

Cirque du Soleil

The queen of the Night was an accomplice of the King of Fools and just as mischievous. She created the dream. Under her authority, the Socials were transformed one by one into amazing acrobats.

The Ringmaster was a character of great distinction who ruled the ring. However, his authority was not always sufficient to get things done his way.

The cast included: