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After leaving Portable Mime Theatre, mime Sherry-Lee Hunter founded Elfin Theatre with fellow performers Christian Murray, Mary Ellen MacLean and Chris Rogers. Roger's later left and Jest in Time Theatre was born.

Later mimes Shelley Wallace and Franz Rinjbout arrived arrived from the United States where they had been working with Tony Montanaro's Celebration Theatre Ensemble. Wallace stayed while Rinjbout returned to the teach in New York City and the present Jest in Time roster fell into place.

Jest in Time has achieved international reknown, having travelled across Canada and the United States from Alaska to North Carolina as well as to Hong Kong and Australia where they played at the Sydney Opera. A highlight of this Asian tour was the opportunity to perform in a Vietnamese detention camp outside of Hong Kong Harbour.

Jest In Time's fast paced characterisations meld elements of satire, physical comedy, social commentary, slapstick, and movement theatre. This sometimes breathtakingly beautiful, often side-splitting entertainment has won the praise and affection of audiences around the world. This is high energy, tight ensemble work, which touches the heart and prods the mind. It easily crosses international and language boundaries, and the company has played successfully across North America, in Australia and Asia. The four member troupe succinctly comments on human nature, distilling essential humour and compassion as they bring universal images to the stage.

The performers are also accomplished teachers, with specialities in physical theatre, mime, mask work, improvisation, creative development, clowning and ensemble techniques. The company offers residency, lecture demonstration, and workshop activities. During long term residencies they enjoy working with students on the creation of short pieces for performance.

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