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Portable Mime Theatre

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Portable Mime Theatre]

In 1982 jugglers Michael Hirschbach and Christopher Majka (who had previously appeared together as the Lunar Asparagus Theatre joined with dancer/artist Kathy MacGillivray (from the Jeanne Robinson Dance Project) and mime Sherry-Lee Hunter, a former member of the Deaf Gypsy Mime Company to found Portable Mime Theatre.

Portable Mime Theatre was involved in a number of local performances, however the major project it undertook was the show Visual Alchemy performed at the Sir James Dunn Auditorium. After a couple of years performing together, the members of Portable Mime Theatre went in various ways to pursue their artistic careers. Hunter went on to found Jest In Time while Hirschbach became a founding member of Fool's Paradise. MacGillivray continued to work on various mime and clowning projects while Majka became involved in dance projects both in modern dance with Sheilagh Hunt and with the Polish Folkdance Ensemble Pomorze.

[Photo of
Kathy MacGillivray]