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  The SPTN Internet Mailing List has been established by ASCP to stimulate discussion among junior high and middle school science teachers.  Subscribers should feel free to raise questions and issues relating to science education topics, pose questions to the authors, contribute personal teaching strategies, and share 'what works and what doesn't work' in SciencePlus.
  The SciencePlus author team strongly believes in sharing what it has learned. At the same time, the authors are convinced that they have much yet to learn about science education.  Participate in this list and share your ideas, problems and successful techniques. Help us prepare for the revision of SciencePlus.
  New SPTN Internet Mailing List members are invited to introduce themselves by sending a note to SPTN. Tell us who you are, where and what you teach, whether you use SciencePlus, and anything else you feel fellow science teachers might like to know about you.
  Here's how to subscribe to the list:

  • Send an email message to:

  • In the body of the message type: subscribe sptn

  If you would you like to subscribe now, click on the button. Remember to type subscribe sptn in the body of the message. There is no need to put in a subject line.
  Once you have subscribed, you can send your messages to other subscribers. Your message should be addressed to:

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