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  • "I'm not a science specialist."

  • "I like to share my successes and failures with other science teachers."

  • "I'm the only science teacher in my school."

  • "I've no one to talk to about teaching science, no one to exchange ideas with."

  • "I feel isolated."

In 1991, ASCP created the SciencePlus Teachers Network (SPTN) to respond to these kind of issues. Sharing our knowledge in a network makes science teaching  and science teachers stronger.  It's really is a lot like a net which is a mesh of interacting cords, held together by the manual strength of the individual strands. A net works when the individual strands are linked together.

Join us. Many of the activities of SPTN are led by classroom teachers. SPTN's goal is to link teachers with teachers.

SPTN produces a newsletter, Interactions, sponsors summer institutes and participates in science education conferences.

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