[NatureNS] Rein Orchids-nature trip to Port Bickerton

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Hi Ken and All

I was finally getting around to reading this post from Thurs on NatureNS and=
 flipping through a field guide to see what some of the flowers mentioned lo=
oked like.

I did not find Round-leaf Rein Orchid (Platanthera obtusata) but came across=
 lots of Rein Orchids (P. spp and some Piperia).

Do you have any idea why they are called "Rein" orchids?


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On 2013-07-11, at 11:30 PM, Ken McKenna <kenmcken@eastlink.ca> wrote:

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> Ken McKenna
> Box 218 Stellarton NS
> B0K 1S0
> 902 752-7644
> Hi all
> Yesterday, July 10, Adele Johnson, John Crabtree and I made a little trip t=
o Port Bickerton (Guys) with a goal of finding the Round-leaf Rein Orchid (P=
latanthera obtusata) that last year in this forum, Rick Ballard had mentione=
d was in bloom just off the trails near the lighthouse. Thanks for the direc=
tions Rick.
> =20
> On the road to the light there were a series of shallow brackish pools/pon=
ds. We were puzzled by a plant growing in the pond with submerged and expose=
d parts. None of us had knowingly encountered this plant before and we took s=
ome photos plus a specimen. It was quite common and vaguely resembled horset=
ails, but likely a flowering plant. Wild Radish and Cow Parsnip were other p=
lants noted.  I was happy to see my first Northern Blue butterflies of the y=
ear along the boggy areas along the road in. [back home we were able to ID t=
he pond plant as Mare's Tail ( Hippuris vulgaris) and it was confirmed by Ni=
ck Hill.
> =20
> With Rick's directions, we were able to see 50+ RL Rein Orchids  in the wo=
oded area ( mostly conifer) along the start of trail H just up from the litt=
le toll booth staffed by a young gal who had no clue what an orchid was. Woo=
d Sorrel and  mats of Twin Flowers were in nice bloom.  We continued along t=
he trail and ran out of the Rein orchid as the woods approached the bog; how=
ever in the bog were lots of Calopogon orchid in fine bloom. There were quit=
e a number of Bakeapple plants in the bog with not as much fruit as one woul=
d expect ( fruit not ripe). Surprisingly there was still some Labrador Tea i=
n bloom. Foxberry was still in bloom and we saw some crowberries. Northern B=
lues were abundant in the bog. Rick had  mentioned the presence of Leather-l=
eaf Grape-fern back of the beach dunes, but my companions were distracted by=
 dozens of plants along the shore just beginning to bloom and one they had n=
ot seen before. No obvious matches could be found in the Newcombs in my pack=
 so we took lots of photos. I had seen this plant before at Sober I. but had=
 never been able to ID it. On the way to the lighthouse from the beach we ca=
me upon a rather nice large patch of One-flowered Pyrola. [back in the vehic=
le Adele found a photo of our mystery plant in the Primrose- Zinck book- Sen=
ecio Pseudo-Arnica- Sea Beach Groundsel or Beach-Senecio
> =20
> =20
> Birds present along the trail included a couple singing Blackpoll Warblers=
, Lincoln's Sparrow,and Nelson's Sparrow as well as Boreal Chickadee. There w=
ere 40 DC Cormorants, 18 C. Eider and a handful of Northern Gannets passing b=
y. Breeding Willets and Spotted Sandpipers were present and scolding visitor=
s in the parking lot. I remember Yellow-bellied Flycatchers here other years=
, but I did not detect any today.
> =20
> Butterflies were few only the Northern Blue ( lots in the bog off trail H)=
 , Northern Crescent, Arctic Skipper and Cabbage White-the latter escaped be=
fore I got my photo.
> =20
> We had a quick look at Fisherman's Harbour and noted lack of terns here wh=
ere I think they have bred in the past. Also lacking were the Northern Blues=
 that were only a few km away at Bickerton. I was able to photo a single Lon=
g-dash Skipper.
> =20
> Further down the road we stopped at the big bog between the Country Harbou=
r ferry and Fisherman's Harbour. The bog again was lush with Calopogon- some=
 were quite pale and approaching white. A single Arethusa was noted in bloom=
> =20
> We headed back to Pictou Co. stopping in St. Pauls where I showed my botan=
y companions some Canada Lily just coming into bloom. Feverwort plants were n=
oted in fruit and Enchanter's Nightshade was abundant and in bloom. I manage=
d a shot of a Least Skipper here, my first of the year I think.
> =20
> In Stellarton we looked at a patch of Common Milkweed just starting to blo=
om-no evidence of Monarch presence yet.

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 Thurs on NatureNS and flipping through a field guide to see what some of th=
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