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Hi all=0ARe recent discussions re swifts and swallows=0AOct 3, 2006 I poste=
d this.=0ASo keep eyes open, hard to say what you will see.=0APaul=0APS - I=
 know a starling when I see it!=0A =0A----- Forwarded Message -----=0AFrom:=
 Paul MacDonald <paulrita2001@yahoo.com>=0ATo: Nature NS <naturens@chebucto=
.ns.ca> =0ASent: Tuesday, October 3, 2006 1:00:40 PM=0ASubject: Swallows=0A=
  =0A=0AHi All=0AThis morning while I was passing Exit 5 on the 103, a=0Ala=
rge ( 50 - 100 ) swallows were flying over the ponds=0Ato the right.=0AAs t=
he highway construction plus the traffic didn't=0Aallow me to observe very =
closely, I couldn't determine=0Athe variety.=0ALooks like they were migrati=
ng somewhere.=0AHave a nice fall=0APaul=0A=0A=0A___________________________=
_______________________=0ADo You Yahoo!?=0ATired of spam?=A0 Yahoo! Mail ha=
s the best spam protection around =0Ahttp://mail.yahoo.com/
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<html><body><div style=3D"color:#000; background-color:#fff; font-family:ar=
ial, helvetica, sans-serif;font-size:14pt"><div><span>Hi all</span></div><d=
iv><span>Re recent discussions re swifts and swallows</span></div><div><spa=
n>Oct 3, 2006 I posted this.</span></div><div><span>So keep eyes open, hard=
 to say what you will see.</span></div><div><span>Paul</span></div><div><sp=
an>PS - I know a starling when I see it!</span></div><div><br></div>  <div =
style=3D"font-family: arial, helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 14pt;"> <div=
 style=3D"font-family: times new roman, new york, times, serif; font-size: =
12pt;"> <div dir=3D"ltr"> ----- Forwarded Message -----<br>  <font face=3D"=
Arial" size=3D"2"> <b><span style=3D"font-weight: bold;">From:</span></b> P=
aul MacDonald &lt;paulrita2001@yahoo.com&gt;<br> <b><span style=3D"font-wei=
ght: bold;">To:</span></b> Nature NS &lt;naturens@chebucto.ns.ca&gt; <br> <=
b><span style=3D"font-weight: bold;">Sent:</span></b> Tuesday, October 3, 2=
006 1:00:40
 PM<br> <b><span style=3D"font-weight: bold;">Subject:</span></b> Swallows<=
br> </font> </div> <div class=3D"y_msg_container"><br>Hi All<br>This mornin=
g while I was passing Exit 5 on the 103, a<br>large ( 50 - 100 ) swallows w=
ere flying over the ponds<br>to the right.<br>As the highway construction p=
lus the traffic didn't<br>allow me to observe very closely, I couldn't dete=
rmine<br>the variety.<br>Looks like they were migrating somewhere.<br>Have =
a nice fall<br>Paul<br><br><br>____________________________________________=
______<br>Do You Yahoo!?<br>Tired of spam?&nbsp; Yahoo! Mail has the best s=
pam protection around <br><a href=3D"http://mail.yahoo.com/" target=3D"_bla=
nk">http://mail.yahoo.com/</a><br><br><br></div> </div> </div>  </div></bod=

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