[NatureNS] Migrating (?) nighthawks

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Yesterday afternoon was a nice clear one on Wyman Road, just south of
Yarmouth.  I was watching a small plane leave from the airport when a couple
of long-winged flutterers flew into view.  The shape and the windows on the
wings bespoke of nighthawks, headed west.  

Not sure of their elevation, but it was well above tree level!

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Subject: [NatureNS] Nocturnal Migration at Amherst for the Week of September

Hi All,
Night flight calls were down by a third this week with most warbler and
thrush species declining in number and sparrows just barely holding their
own. The heavy rains on the night of September 21-22 grounded a flight that
started earlier in the evening but it was by no means a significant
fall-out. The total night flight calls for the week was 793 and the most
common species was Blackpoll Warbler with 111 flight calls. Swainson's
Thrush was down to just 57 calls for the week. Savannah Sparrow was the most
common sparrow at 94 calls, about the same as the week before.	

Rare or uncommon birds of the week included a Vesper Sparrow and an
Orange-crowned Warbler (the first for this season). Two short "whip" calls,
90 minutes apart, on the night of September 18-19, sounded like and had a
spectrogram of a Myiarchus Flycather (such as Great-crested or

A summary of the week is given below.

Species/	Calls
Blackpoll Warbler	111
Magnolia Warbler	95
Savannah Sparrow	94
Swainson's Thrush	57
Unidentified warblers of the genus Setophaga	49
Common Yellowthroat	47
Black-throated Green Warbler	44
Ovenbird	34
Unidentified warbler	31
Bay-breasted Warbler	29
White-throated Sparrow	29
Chestnut-sided Warbler	24
Northern Parula	24
Semipalmated Plover	23
Yellow-rumped Warbler	13
Unidentified sparrow	12
Unidentified songbird	8
Black-and-White Warbler	7
Blackburnian Warbler	7
Mourning Warbler	7
Black-throated Blue Warbler	6
Hermit Thrush	6
American Redstart	5
Lincoln's/Swamp Sparrow	4
Chipping Sparrow	3
Unidentified warbler of the genus Oreothlypis	3
Palm Warbler	3
Bobolink	2
Nashville Warbler	2
Northern Waterthrush	2
Wilson's Warbler	2
Unidentified flycatcher of the genus Myiarchus	2
American Woodcock	1
Canada Warbler	1
Cape May Warbler	1
Song Sparrow	1
Tennessee Warbler	1
Vesper Sparrow	1
Black-bellied Plover	1
Orange-crowned Warbler	1
Grand Total	793

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