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Hi Jim

As a start, here is the link to the 1977 Curatorial Report by Elizabeth McAlaster on the Cephalopods of the NSM collection https://ojs.library.dal.ca/NSM/article/view/4035/3691   there are some exotics in there, but each species is cross-referenced to specimen and collection area.

There have been more additions since, but will have to go into the database to generate an "up-to date" list (with common names)..  In the interim, a bit of bed-time reading.

We have posted most of our Curatorial Reports on line in PDF format... linked index is on https://museum.novascotia.ca/curatorial-reports

Will post a current species lit oin the a.m.


A Hebda
NSM Collections

From: Jim Wolford [jimwolford@eastlink.ca]
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Subject: re large squid species in N.S.

It’s good that the genus names were used below, i.e. Illex vs. Loligo, but in this case the common names are very useful, and I would like to minimize reports of “squids” in which the species cannot be told.  Illex is the “short-finned” or “boreal” squid, in which the mantle fins at the posterior end of the mantle are less than half the length of the mantle.  Loligo, on the other hand, also known as “Peale’s” or “long-finned” squid, has paired fins that are more than half the mantle length.  Both species are quite big, reaching over 30 cm. in body length, not counting the 2 long tentacles (vs. the shorter 8 arms).

Andrew’s description of the egg-masses of Loligo looking like latex gloves is not helpful to me — the masses of egg-sacs have been common and widespread in King’s County from Scots’ Bay to Kingsport to Grand Pre over the past two summers.

I have no experience with eggs of Illex (the Newf. squid of the “squid-jiggin’ ground”), but many years ago there were lots of living Illex in a weir on the Fundy coast at Black Rock/Canada Creek — that weir has not existed now for decades.

Anyway, for anyone who actually sees one being jigged or otherwise fished, check the fin lengths and report them as ‘long-finned’ or ‘short-finned’ (but watch out for the ink!).

Perhaps Andrew can share with us how many species of squids and octopuses occur in Nova Scotia waters?

Cheers from Jim in Wolfville.

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The squid the Vietnamese gang were catching off the wharves in Yarmouth and
Shelburne counties a couple of summers ago were Loligo.

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Back in the late 70s we had both species.

The Loligo would turn up early in the season and spawn in shallow waters
(egg masses looked like bundlkes of latex gloves).

Later (usually in Aug) the Illex would show up... but they spawned in open
water with large gelatinous egg masses.

not sure what’s going on nowadays.. - Will check to see if there is anyone
left in the O'Dor squid lab at Dal.


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Hi All
An article in today’s paper talks about squid in Nova Scotia.
Someone claims the species of squid used to be Illex but recently the Loligo
squid have appeared.
I noticed the last few summers we caught large squid maybe 40 cms.
This summer remains to be seen nevertheless some fresh calamari is always
Enjoy the wait til they get here

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