[NatureNS] Cape Breton Highlands Natural Park - War Memorial

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Fully agree with your comment Steve and have opined on the website.

Big issue for me is that this may be the start of a slippery slope re.
priority management values for national parks, and therefore needs to be
nipped in the bud.

If the must build this thing, they should do it somewhere else.

I saw one comment about using the money to make Sambro Island a national
park.  Then it occurred to me that the last sight of Canada a lot of
soldiers would have had would have been Sambro Island Light, which already
has major historical significance.  Why couldn’t the light serve the purpose
of that monument?

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Re Burkhard's note below, I'd have thought that the proposal to build this
privately funded, tasteless monstrous concrete eyesore in scenic CB would
have received more traction here.  In the interests of providing a bit of
geological info (circulated from the chair of the Earth Sci dept at
Dalhousie), please see the following. I already replied using Option 1 below
I think I still have a copy of the PDF file mentioned but the rules for
NatureNS posts restrict me from attaching it.  If anyone is interested, I
could send it privately.

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FW: Green Cove - Never Forgotten National Memorial Project ­ Detailed Impact
Tue, 26 May 2015 08:47:17 -0300
Rebecca A. Jamieson <beckyj@dal.ca><mailto:beckyj@dal.ca>
'Darlene Vanderijt' <dvanderi@dal.ca><mailto:dvanderi@dal.ca>

Please distribute to the department, along with the attached Geolog article
by Sandra Barr. Note that the deadline for comment is June 5.

Sandra Barr also tells me: The DIA by Stantec says that the Black Brook
Granitic Suite is very large compared to that one small area at Green Cove
and hence the geological effect of the construction is "negligible". But of
course very little of that pluton is actually exposed or accessible. It is
best seen along the coast and, of the coastal outcrops, Green Cove is best -
that is why Martha Hild and I included it as one of the sites in our book on
the Geology of Nova Scotia.The DIA also says that the environmental effect
of construction will be negligible - I truly doubt that! Look at what is
being built, and where it is being built (waves crash over that outcrop). It
will certainly not be part of the "natural beauty" for which the Cabot Trail
is renowned - it will be an eyesore.


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From: Blair.Pardy@pc.gc.ca<mailto:Blair.Pardy@pc.gc.ca>
Date: May 22, 2015 at 2:09 PM
Subject: Fw: Never Forgotten National Memorial Project – Detailed Impact
Analysis / Projet du mémorial national N’oublions jamais – Analyse d’impact

Starting today, Parks Canada will invite public comments on the Detailed
Impact Analysis (DIA) on the proposed project for Green Cove.

The Never Forgotten National Memorial is a privately funded initiative to
commemorate Canada’s war dead who lie buried in foreign countries, lost at
sea or otherwise consumed into the landscapes of war. The proposed project
for Green Cove, Cape Breton Highlands National Park, is currently undergoing
environmental review.

The project is being assessed using the Detailed Impact Analysis (DIA)
pathway established by Parks Canada to meet its obligations under the
Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012 (CEAA 2012). The draft DIA for
this project is available at pc.gc.ca/nfnm<http://pc.gc.ca/nfnm>.

Parks Canada is seeking public input on the draft DIA report by June, 5,
2015, in the following ways:

1. On-line: pc.gc.ca/nfnm<http://pc.gc.ca/nfnm>
2. E-mail: pc.infocb.pc@pc.gc.ca
3. Fax: 902 733-2362
4. Mail: Never Forgotten National Memorial Project Parks Canada
259 Park Service Road
Louisbourg, NS B1C 2L2

A limited number of hard copies are available at Parks Canada Administration
offices in Ingonish, Cheticamp, Baddeck and Louisbourg from 9am-4pm,

Following this public input period, the Never Forgotten National Memorial
Foundation will be obligated to demonstrate to Parks Canada that public
concerns and comments received during the consultation exercise have been
adequately considered before submitting the DIA report for determination.

Thank you.

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To: naturens@chebucto.ns.ca
Subject: [NatureNS] Cape Breton Highlands Natural Park - War Memorial

This may be of interest to some of the list subscribers:

Parks Canada is considering a proposal to build a seven story statue within
Cape Breton Highlands National Park, at Green Cove along the Cabot Trail.

CBC report:

In case you are interested in details and/or to be heard by Parks Canada,
you have until June 7 at

Burkhard Plache

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