[NatureNS] Protecting land from 'development'

From: David & Alison Webster <dwebster@glinx.com>
To: NatureNS@chebucto.ns.ca
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 2015 21:02:57 -0300
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Dear All,                                Aug 26, 2015
    The following paste is the substance of an e-mail which I sent recently 
to Nova Scotia Nature Trust---

START OF PASTE\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
Hello:                                                    Aug 21, 2015
   I have a woodlot in North Alton, of about 70 acres, which I would like to
permanently protect from residential or commercial development of any kind.
It is near enough to Kentville and Route12 that it will be developed if not
protected and I will not always be here to say no thanks.

    But I want any future owner to have rights for cutting of firewood and
selective logging because that improves wildlife habitat as compared to a
hands off policy, would help to keep the network of mostly pick-and-shovel
roads open to public foot traffic and, unlike many current energy sources,
is nearly carbon neutral.

    In the closing paragraph I asked, in effect, if NSNT could offer advice 
as to how I could implement protection of this sort. [And I now see that the 
tax slip lists it as 63 acres.]

    After two exchanges with NSNT it appears that the front-line staff are 
prompt to answer e-mails but don't bother to read the questions first so 
they appear to be a dead loss. [A June 1, 2014 (yes 1014) inquiry to a 
former NSNT manager of some sort drew no response.]

    So reading between the lines I suspect they fail to comprehend that one 
can combine protection of woodland and watershed integrity with judicious 
extraction of wood fiber. And in addition they apparently don't realize that 
all woodland, but especially woodland on good soil, is worth protecting. The 
Sapsuckers, who feed extensively on the vigorous Wire Birch (always in my 
absence) would all vote for protection from development if they had a vote.

    I gather, after some searching that I am after a Conservation Easement 
of some sort and I understand that Easements can be donated to an 
accomodating Conservation entity. For what it may be worth about 2/3 of the 
area is good Morristown Loam but shallow the remainder being undulating 
rocky swampland with sometimes good hardwood.

    I am sending this to the group in the hope that someone may be able to 
offer guidance. For example, can an individual establish a Conservation 
entity which does not die with the individual ? Does Ducks Unlimited get 
involved with pond-free land ? There is potential for pond construction.

Yours truly, Dave Webster, Kentville


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