HEALTH (Community & Individual)

"To be healthy as an individual requires a healthy home and community."
[ ]RESOURCE KIT - "BEGIN WITH PEOPLE!" A set of videos and a guidebook on building Healthy Communities in Canada, describing the four principles of healthy community action and tracing the steps of the healthy community process. The kit consists of six videos (Introduction, Getting Started, Visioning, Finding Resources, Keeping it Moving, Networking) and a guidebook, and is available in both French and English. It is available for $30.00 from INME Communicates, 1350 Hawthorne Drive, Peterborough, ON K9J 7E8. Tel (705) 745-5864. (A limited number of kits are available for $20.00 for healthy community groups who do not receive any funding.)
[ ]KIT - "BREAST FEEDING PROMOTION KIT" Includes tools such as a public service announcement for television, promotional cards for buses, and a poster series, for establishing a breast feeding campaign in your community. Available from Andrea Donlan, Marketing and Partnerships Division, Rm 423, Health Canada, Ottawa ON K1A 1B4. Tel (613) 954-8842, fax (613) 952-6032.
Community Health Promotion Network Atlantic - An Atlantic Canada network that shares information and resources to support groups and communities to increase control over and to improve their health.
[ ]MANUAL - "COMMUNITY HEALTH PROMOTION IN ACTION" This how-to manual encourages public and private sector organizations as well as the general public to adopt health promotion activities and priorities. It outlines a planning process and offers suggestions for activities to address issues such as alcohol, nutrition, and tobacco. The planning process outlined in the guide can be used to address many other issues. Available at no cost from Health Information Centre, Ontario Ministry of Health, 8th floor Hepburn Block, 80 Grosvenor Street, Toronto ON M7A 1S2. Telephone: (416) 327-4327. Fax: (416) 963-3496.
[ ]RESOURCE KIT - "THE COMMUNITY ACTION PACK" A collection of resources developed by agencies working with communities from across the country. It contains a wealth of resources for community groups, including information on community development, needs assessment, fund raising, evaluation, working with volunteers, and much more. It all fits into one box and is written in plain language. Community Action Packs are available for consultation at public health offices, many libraries, and the offices of many community organizations. The Action Pack is available for $250 from Health Canada, 607 Jeanne Mance Bldg, Tunney's Pasture, Ottawa K1A 1B4. Phone: (613) 954-8636.
[ ]MANUAL - "THE COMMUNITY HOSPICE HANDBOOK" A handbook developed as a resource for support groups as they enhance their natural helping skills. Available from the Hospice Society of Victoria County, PO Box 279, Baddeck, NS, B0E 1B0.
[ ]MANUAL - "CHOOSE TO BE SMOKE-FREE HEALTH FAIR" A how-to manual produced by the Youth Advocacy Committee of Smoke-Free Nova Scotia. Available from Smoke-Free Nova Scotia, 2786 Agricola Street, Suite 200, Halifax, NS B3K 4E1. Tel: (902) 422-7851 Fax: (902) 454-4036.
[ ]MANUAL - "A GUIDEBOOK OF STORIES FROM ONTARIO'S HEALTHY COMMUNITIES: USING STORIES TO GUIDE ACTION" A great resource on building healthy communities and on using a story-telling approach. Cost $7.50. Available from the Ontario Healthy Communities Secretariat, 1202-415 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON, M5B 2E7. Tel (416) 408-2121 Fax: (416) 408-2122
[ ]WORKBOOK - "Health Indicators: A Tool for Healthy Communities" by the B.C. Ministry of Health. Available from the library of the Clean Nova Scotia Foundation, 1675 Bedford Row, Halifax, TEL: (902) 420-3474.
[ ]VIDEO - "MAJOR COOKING FOR A MINOR SUM" A half-hour video explaining how to set up a community kitchen step-by step, produced by the Single Parents Association of Newfoundland, with the Extension Community Development Cooperative. For information contact Neil Tilley, ECDC, PO Box 5054, Station C, St John's NF, A1C 5V3 Tel:(709) 579-8950 Fax:(709) 579-3526.
[ ]MANUALS - "TIPS FOR SELF-HELP GROUP LEADERS and SELF HELP: A HOW TO MANUAL" Cost $20.00 each. Both manuals available from the Self-Help Connection, 63 King Street, Dartmouth, NS, B2Y 2R7. Phone (902) 466-2011.
[ ] MANUAL - "SOCIAL MARKETING IN HEALTH PROMOTION: A COMMUNICATIONS GUIDE" Available from the Health Information Centre, Ontario Ministry of Health, 9th Floor, Hepburn Block, 80 Grosvenor Street, Toronto, Ontario M7A 1S2. Telephone: (416) 327-4327. Fax: (416) 963-3496.

[ ]ARTICLES - THE PUBLIC HEALTH ASSOCIATION OF NOVA SCOTIA (PHANS) has issued the following public statements:

"A Vision of Public Health"
"Health Issues Relating to Pit and Quarry Regulations"
"Gaming in Nova Scotia"
"Health inspection in the Department of Environment and Relationship to the Regional Health Boards and Community Health Boards"

Copies of these statements are available from PHANS, Box 20129, Spryfield RPO, Halifax NS, B3R 2K9.

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