The Sustainable Communities Network of Nova Scotia wants to be an "information and communications clearinghouse" and facilitator of shared action on sustainable livelihoods and communities.

We can offer you:

Our first big project has been the "Community Links" database. Community Links is best experienced in the so-called electronic information highway. However, in keeping with our vision of sustainability, we like to think of our corner of cyberspace as an information bikepath. We hope you find the ride useful!

You can also participate in an ongoing discussion on sustainable community issues through our "Electronic Town Hall" called SUST-MAR (as in Sustainable Maritimes!).

And we soon hope to offer Workshops on Sustainability in communities throughout Nova Scotia. These would be opportunities to explore sustainable community issues, and learn how to access the tools, resources and contacts communities need to work for a healthier future.

Check in Announcements and Tidbits for newsflashes, announcements, the SCN Grapevine Newsletter, and other assorted tidbits.

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