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Specialized searches of this information are also available as a personalized service through our office, and by calling 422-4276 (dependent on volunteer energy). It is also available in print and floppy disc versions to SCN members for the cost of reproduction.

The SCN does not attempt to censor material offered for inclusion in the database, but we do reserve the right to exclude submissions that are counter to our mandate, or entries that promote hatred.

You will find a variety of views and approaches represented here...hope you enjoy reviewing them.

The Community Links database will grow only with your participation!

Drop us a line to let us know what you are up to, good news stories that you have come across, personal notes of how useful this resource has been to your search for information, and any other suggestions for improvement.

When possible, please provide your information on a 3.5" disk (IBM or Mac): we will return the disk if you ask. Thanks.

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