Organics Collection Program - Halifax Regional Municipality Part I

Let's Waste Less By Composting

Welcome to the Halifax Regional Municipality's Organics Collection Program!

Organics collection follows recycling and backyard composting as the next step in helping to protect and preserve our environment. By participating in this program, you will be joining the 2,000 households throughout HRM already successfully separating organic materials into their carts for collection. This program will help us become one of the first major North American communities with full-scale curbside collection of organic material for composting.

It's easy.It's responsible. It works.

All you have to do is collect your food scraps in the mini-bin we have provided for you. Then just take it out and empty it in your large organics green cart. A quick rinse of your mini-bin and you're ready to start collecting those resources again. You may also place your yard wastes and any non-recyclable or soiled paper or boxboard in the cart (see list of What's In on the following pages). Every two weeks, we'll empty your cart for you and compost the contents.


Keeping organic material out of the waste stream provides many great benefits:

We're helping Mother Nature recycle, and we know that Mother knows best.

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