List of Tables

Table 1.

Table 2.
Satisfaction with Personal Health

Table 3.
Self-reported Activity Limitation

Table 4.
Health Problems Causing Activity Limitation

Table 5.
Percentage of Nova Scotians who are Caregivers

Table 6.
Caregiving Activities

Table 7.
Frequency of Caregiver Stress

Table 8.
Prevalence of Depression Symptoms (CES-D)

Table 9.
Percentage Distribution of Body Mass Index (BMI)

Table 10.
Beliefs and Weight Loss Practices of Clinic Respondents

Table 11.
Weight Loss Practices

Table 12.
Total Blood Cholesterol Levels

Table 13.
Blood LDL Levels

Table 14.
Blood TRIG Levels

Table 15.
Blood HDL Levels

Table 16.
Percentage Answering 'Yes' to Specific Cholesterol Measurement Questions

Table 17.
Prevalence of High Blood Pressure

Table 18.
Percentage Answering 'Yes' to Questions About Blood Pressure

Table 19.
High Blood Pressure Awareness, Treatment, and Control Status

Table 20.
Advice Given to Those Being Treated for High Blood Pressure

Table 21.
Rates of Daily Cigarette Smoking

Table 22.
Rates of Heavy Smoking

Table 23.
Exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) Outside the Home

Table 24.
Health Problems Associated with Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS)

Table 25.
Specific Health Problems Associated with Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS)

Table 26.
Leisure Time Physical Activity Levels

Table 27.
Frequency of Drinking in Previous Year

Table 28.
Total Number of Drinks in Previous Week

Table 29.
Percentage of Drinkers who Consumed >5 Drinks at a Sitting in Previous Year

Table 30.
Prevalence of 0, 1, 2, or 3 Major CVD Risk Factors

Table 31.
Demographic Characteristics: 1986-1995

Table 32.
Percentage Distribution of Body Mass Index and Mean BMI: 1986-1995

Table 33.
Prevalence of High Blood Pressure: 1986-1995

Table 34.
High Blood Pressure Awareness, Treatment, and Control: 1986-1995

Table 35.
Percentages Answering "Yes' to Specific BP Measurement Questions: 1986-1995

Table 36.
Pattern of Reported Treatment for High Blood Pressure: 1986-1995

Table 37.
Mean Total Blood Cholesterol Levels: 1986-1995

Table 38.
Percentage of Population with Total Blood Cholesterol >5.2 mmol/L and >6.2 mmol/L: 1986-1995

Table 39.
Percentage of Population Answering 'Yes' to Questions on Cholesterol Measurement: 1986-1995

Table 40.
Daily Cigarette Smoking: 1986-1995

Table 41.
Percentage of Population Engaging in Regular Exercise: 1986-1995

Table 42.
Prevalence of 0, 1, 2, or 3 Major CVD Risk Factors: 1986-1995

Table 43.
Awareness of Causes of CVD in 1986-1995

Table 44.
Percentage of the Population Reporting Chronic or Long-term Conditions

Table 45.
Prevalence of Diabetes, Asthma, and Mental Illness

Table 46.
Percentage of Population Reporting One or More Chronic Conditions

Table 47.
Percentage of Females who Breastfed for at Least One Month

Table 48.
Flu Shot Coverage

Table 49.
Flu Shot Coverage for People < 65 Years of Age with Chronic Conditions Requiring Medical Follow-up

Table 50.
Percentage of Women Reporting Breast Self-examination and Examination by Health Professional

Table 51.
Pap Test Screening Frequency

Table 52.
Prostate Exam Frequency

List of Figures

Figure 1.
Nova Scotia Health Regions

Figure 2.
Body Mass Index (BMI) Classification and Associated Health Risks

Figure 3.
CVD Risk Levels Associated with Blood Lipid Fractions

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