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Heart Health Nova Scotia (HHNS) is a cardiovascular disease (CVD) prevention program. This provincial research program is part of the Canadian Heart Health Initiative (CHHI) a multilevel, national strategy to build capacity within the formal and informal health systems for the prevention of cardiovascular disease (CVD).
Conceived in 1987, the Initiative is co-funded by Health Canada through the National Health Research and Development Program (NHRDP) and the provincial departments of health. Other partners are the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation and numerous organizations in the public, voluntary, health professional and private sectors.

Heart Health Nova Scotia joined the CHHI in 1989 and completed its first phase of research, the Demonstration Phase, in 1995. The Demonstration Phase involved the implementation and evaluation of a variety of research demonstration projects across the province. These programs were evaluated individually to judge the feasibility of program provision through a partnership model.

On completion of the promotion phase, HHNS was funded in 1996 to complete the Dissemination Phase. The focus of the Dissemination Phase is to study factors that influence the adoption of effective heart health interventions by communities and health infrastructures. Central to the work of the Dissemination Phase has been the creation of the Heart Health Partnership.