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Section 3 - Some Experiments to Try!

Try sending EMail to yourself!
It might seem strange to do this but it will allow you to practice as much as you wish without anyone becoming upset!

Try using different features of your Email program (such as including attachments) and see if you can make them work properly.

Now reply to the EMail!
This will be more useful when you would like to reply to EMail from somebody else - but why not practice on yourself! That way if you make a mistake no one else will know!

Mailto links
There are different ways that Email can be accessed on the World Wide Web. One common way is with so-called 'mailto' links. You will often see these links on web pages, allowing you to quickly send a message to the author or administrator of a page. Try following this Link and sending a message.

The address you'll be sending this to is not a real address, so the message will bounce (like a rubber cheque!) back to you. This will give you an opportunity to see what a message from a postmaster is like. See if you can understand the message you receive and what it tells you about why the postmaster was unable to deliver the Email.

Mail forms
Another common way to send Email on the World Wide Web is through Mail forms. Follow this link to see a mail form into which you can type your comments. You'll notice that in this case as well, the Email address you are sending this to is already supplied. In this case it is the administration address for this site, so you can send us any comments you may have on the study materials!

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