Community Action Program for Children

The Community Action Program for Children, a component of the Child Development Initiative, was announced by the Government of Canada in May 1992. Community Action is one in a series of steps taken in response to the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child.

The Program, delivered through Health Canada regional offices, funds community groups to establish and deliver services that address the developmental needs of at risk children (O - 6 years). Long-term financial assistance is provided through contributions to support these services.

Community Action focuses on prevention; its purpose is to enable communities to develop a continuum of integrated services to promote the health and social development of at risk children and their families. Services incorporate education and intervention activities.

Community Action encourages early investment in children so that they get a better start in life, are ready to start school and so that their chances to participate fully in society as adults are enhanced. Expected services include: parent/family resource centres, child development centres, parenting education and infant stimulation.

Target Groups

The Community Action program for Children is jointly managed by the Federal government and Provincial/Territorial governments. Administrative protocols set out the terms and conditions of how the Program is managed in each Province/Territory. They demonstrate the commitment of the two levels of government to support communities for the benefit of children at risk.

Community Action priorities, which were determined in conjunction with each Province/Territory, differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction based upon the local situation. The overall objective of the Program is the same in all Provinces/Territories.

The Program establishes or enhances services but does not duplicate or replace other government services.

Contact: Sharon Gribbon
(613) 954-8255

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