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An Evaluation of Apple II & GS Communications Programs
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An Evaluation of Apple II & GS Communications Programs

Spectrum: (Commercial - Current version v2.3)

8 N 1, full duplex, 14,400 bps (19,200 bps computer)
Reveal 14,400 bps fax/modem (Hayes-compatible).
Requires a IIGS (16 bit) system to run - will not work on an 8 bit II.
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Has a rather tattered history of problems beginning with a missing file upon first shipping; Version 1.0 vt100 emulation with small characters displaying as pluses ++ fixed with Version 2.0; system sometimes crashes due to occasional incompatibilities with NDAs and CDAs; vt100 doesn't support underline nor bold; text-based vt100 in a gui program; support of arrow keys good; TCP/IP (PPP) support added via Marinetti with Version 2.1; telnet and graphic browser improvement with Version 2.2; continued improvements with Version 2.3. The downside to Spectrum is that it has become quite a resource hog in size and speed, taking a GS with minimum 4 mb ram just to coax decent performance out of it. Marinetti (freeware) as a standalone TCP/IP program takes very space and power and can run on a minimal GS system.
Email using PINE
News using TIN
File Transfers using Kermit
File Transfers using Zmodem
Above-average ZModem, automatic.
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