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There are six different headers in HTML, numbered 1-6.

Viewed with a graphics browser, header 1 is the most prominent, and header 6 is the least prominent. Header 1 is displayed in a very large font, while 6 is displayed in a tiny one.

Lynx has only fixed-size fonts, so it cannot change the size for emphasis. Instead, Lynx shows the Headers in bold text, and in different positions on the screen, to show their relative importance.

Viewed with Lynx, Header 1 is automatically centered.

The others are all offset from the left side of the screen, Header 2 is nearest the left edge and Header 6 is offset most.

Usually, only headers 1 through 3 are used. Headers are used as headings for various sections of a document. They help keep the document organized for the viewer.

To create a header you use a tag with h and the number of the header you want, <h1> would give you header 1.

This is an example of a


This is an example of a


This is an example of a


This is an example of a


This is an example of a
This is an example of a

Make sure to close the header after the text you want to be in the header:


Something to remember is that lynx automatically centers header 1, but a graphical browser won't. If you want the header to always be centered use the align attribute, just like in the <p> tag:

<h1 align="center">text</h1>


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