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There are Clan Campbell Societies in several parts of Canada, in Australia, Britain, New Zealand and the United States.

The Clan Campbell Societies in Canada are autonomous but are connected through the Canada Campbell Federation. Presidency of this organization changes every three years on a rotational basis between the individual Society Presidents. Current (1995) President is Arthur Campbell of Prince Edward Island.

Most of the Clan Campbell Societies, world-wide, including the Clan Campbell Society - Nova Scotia, are members of an umbrella organization under direct control of the Chief and called the Federation of Clan Campbell Societies. This was originally created to enable the Societies to use heraldic arms as granted to the Chief by the Lord Lyon King of Arms in Scotland for the Federation. This was necessary since in Scotland there is no such thing as "Clan arms".

Clan Campbell Society - Nova Scotia also has an affiliation with the Clan Campbell Society (North America), which includes Canada as one of its regions. The current President of the Clan Campbell Society - Nova Scotia was appointed Commissioner for Nova Scotia within the Canadian region of CCS(NA).

The Clan Campbell Society (North America) has its own web site which can be accessed at Links to other Clan Campbell web sites

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