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Origin of Clan Home/Hume

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Hume Castle and historical analects

Clan Home/Hume in the Military

Septs of Clan Home/Hume

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The name Home, properly pronounced Hume and frequently so spelt, comes from the lands in Berwickshire acquired in marriage by a 13th-century descendant of the Northumbrian earl Gospatrick, also of Clan Dunbar. By further marriage, the Homes extended widely over the east Borderland, and took full share in its wars and forays. [from "Scots Kith & Kin"]

They were sometimes known as "the Haughty Homes." Celebrated members included: David Hume (1711-76), philosopher-historian and indirect inspirer of many efforts to bring logic into practical history; John Home, minister unfrocked for producing his poetic drama "Douglas" in 1756; Lord Kames, the lawyer-philosopher, and Lady Grizel Baillie, the balladist. [from "Scots Kith & Kin"]

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