Clan MacArthur

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Gaelic Name for MacArthur: MacArtuir
             		  (Son of Arthur)

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Chiefs and Chieftains of Clan MacArthur

Origin of Clan MacArthur

Clansfolk of Clan MacArthur

Clan MacArthur in the Military

Septs of Clan MacArthur

Symbols of Clan MacArthur

        Clan MacArthur had been seated so long at Loch Awe, that
        even in Celtic days the couplet was often said:

	      "Cnuic 'is uillt 'is Ailpeinich
               Ach cuin a thaing Artairich?"
	      "The hills and streams and MacAlpine --
               But whence come forth MacArthur?"

When speaking of olden times, Highlanders used the proverb:
"There is nothing older, unless the hills, MacArthur and the devil."

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