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Here is a Scottish related story.... I don't think it is true.

At a large Commonwealth conference held in Edinburgh (say in the 1920's), the various speakers ALL told about their Scottish ancestry.

Eventually it was the turn of the representative from New Zealand, who was a Maori, to address the conference. His rising was greeted with loud laughter. Standing firm he noted that the laughter slowly died down with some embarrassment to the other members.

He took his time, and then said, "I fail to see why my rising should be greeted with such laughter".... more embarrassment to the other members. "I have as good Scottish blood in my veins as any of the previous speakers".... deadly hush in the hall.. "My grandfather eat the first Scottish missionary"

This was received with generous applause and, having the attention of the hall, proceeded with his speech.

Copyright 1996; Ranald McIntyre
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