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Chapter XIV

Homeward Bound

We arrived at Vancouver on the 25th of October, three days coming from Port Essington, stayed there one day and a night as we had to buy some clothes before going further. We then took the train to Ashcroft, which place I left nearly eight months before. I got my trunk and, after spending a few days there, left on the 30th of October for home.

I went over from Vancouver to Victoria, and on the next day took boat for San Francisco. I had a dandy trip down and enjoyed it. I saw lots of whales, they being about 25 or 30 feet long.

I went to Almida, across the Bay from Frisco, where my cousin, Dan McDonald, lives. I felt at home there, and stayed a week, then went to see Malcolm, Dan's brother, who was living in Oakland and doing business there; also their sister Kate (Mrs. Boyce); also saw my nephews, Dan and Harry Nicolson, my sister Sibella's boys.

Bidding them all good bye, I came by boat to Los Angeles, stopped at Sanor's home. His wife is Christy, my sister. They have a lovely home on Maple Avenue. I met some relatives here, Kate Nicolson, my cousin, and some others. Sanor and I took in Pasadena and the ostrich ranch and all that was worth seeing, a splendid city and great climate. I stopped one week in Los Angeles.

November 1900

I left Los Angeles via the Sante Fe railway and came direct home where I arrived after an absence of four years. I found many changes, my family having grown so big that I hardly knew them, but found them all well and happy to be together once more.

Surely this will be my last trek from home. Many of the old familiar faces are missed, young as well as old. Uncle William McDonald and his dear old partner, Aunt Katie had both gone within a few days of each other, about a year before my return, having reached a good old age.

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