Clan Scott

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Gaelic Name for Scott: Scot, Scotach
             	       (National Name)
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Origin of Clan Scott

Chief/Chieftains of Clan Scott

Clansfolk of Clan Scott

Clan Scott in the Military

Septs of Clan Scott

Symbols of Clan Scott

{*} Dunblane Memorial
In loving memory of Hanna Scott
of Ochiltree, Dunblane
Who died Wednesday, 13 March 1996
With fifteen of her classmates and her teacher
Class of Dunblane Primary, Dunblane, Scotland
The Dunblane Tragedy

The Scotts were among the most powerful Border Clans.
The Scotts of Harden were a prominent family in Clan Scott;
Sir Walter Scott, noted author, was of this Harden group.

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Courtesy Electric Scotland: Grangemouth, Scotland

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