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"If a Scot can find a hard way to do something, he or she will invariably choose that method of accomplishing it," says one clergyman within the Scottish milieu.

This website for the Scottish Heritage in New Scotland has been crafted and developed on a loyal workhorse of an IBM 286 computer, with one whole megabute of RAM. Some recently called it "an old boat anchor," but in early 1991 when it came into our lives, it was a highly respected and competent IBM machine. Even today, an IBM 286 serves folks well. The 286 is not to be frowned upon, for it runs Word Perfect 5.1 and other credible programmes well.

I pause to express gratitude and appreciation to my Aunt Ruby, who bequeathed me funds in her estate which were used, in part, to purchase the IBM 286 in March, 1991. It was a marvellous upgrade from the Sanyo MBC-555, which I purchased in April 1984 when dual 2D floppy drives and 256K was the "state of the art" folks dreamed of owning!

Due to support within the Internet Coffee Club (ICC) of Halifax, Nova Scotia, spear-headed by Coffee Club members Fe Prechtl and Ambros Prechtl, my loyal IBM 286 workshorse was upgraded to a 386sxe computer. Costs involved were graciously donated by the Prechtls for the ventures of both the ICC and our website for Scottish Heritage in New Scotland.

Members of Clan MacPherson, Clan MacIntyre and Clan MacIvor graciously donated a 24K modem (used in the 286, now in the 386sxe), replacement floppy disk drives and computer software. Fellow members of the Periodical Writers Association of Canada (PWAC) donated other software. This new computer is cherished for its compilation of good will and kindness of those who wish to support our cause. I/we thank them very much.

There is much a 386sxe can and will do, especially if fully equipped with maximum ram capacity. For most intents and purposes, it can do everything that matters, but more slowly. In many ways, it is better to work on a 386sxe rather than a late model Pentium. We craft the website for Scottish Heritage in New Scotland, and the upcoming website for the PWAC, to be accessible by as many folks as possible, especially those with low end computers.

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