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December 30, 1995:

{+} Added Book of Kells (information)
{+} Added info to Computer Chair Travel to Scotland, Ireland

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December 27, 1995:

{+} Added National Beaver Day to Canadian Links

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December 18, 1995:

{+} Addition of Horateo Crowell's tribute to Nova Scotia {+} (ornate floral frame: 123 jpeg)

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November 18, 1995

Standard Time inaugurated, 112 years ago today

{+} Additions to Clan MacKay Pages: military heritage of Clan, VE-Day
{+} Minor revisions in Scottish Foodstuffs section.

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November 16, 1995

Main Feast Day of St. Margaret of Scotland

{+} A brief history of the Scots in New Scotland (Nova Scotia) added.
{+} Some broken links re-connected.

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November 13, 1995

Feast Day of St. Devenick

It has been a year and a month since this site was proposed, in Pictou (the Birthplace of New Scotland) at the 1994 meeting of the Scottish Clans in Nova Scotia. It has been a month since it was opened up in the Culture Section (Heritage area) on Chebucto Community Net (CCN) the week of October 9th and announced at the AGM of the FSCNS on October 14th, again at the Birthplace of New Scotland (Pictou) during the 1995 AGM of the FSCNS.

It is still a "web site in progress", yet it already contains a wealth of information of interest to Scots in Nova Scotia, across Canada and around the globe. The graphics are "mega much better than they were awhile ago"!

Since the 1995 AGM in Pictou, clan societies are forwarding material for their clan's home pages. Shell "home pages" for each of more than one hundred clans are available for those clans to expand with their own information. The clans area, the main purpose of creating this web site for the member clans of the FSCNS, will evolve steadily in the coming months.

Current issues concerning Scotland and New Scotland are discussed, mainly due to the efforts of Alasdair McKay (Vice-President of Clan MacKay Society of New Scotland, and representative from Clan MacKay on the FSCNS Council). Alasdair grew up near Stirling, Scotland with a rich ancestral heritage in Strathnaver, the lands of the Aberach MacKays. Information and updates will be installed on this site before St. Andrews Day (November 30th).

Although the International Gathering of the Clans 1995 is now history, we are recording the efforts of the many member clans of the FSCNS in ensuring the success of this momentous Gathering. Much of this information was lost from CCN when the files were zipped last July; we are busy recreating them and enhancing them. Our target date, again, is St. Andrews Day (November 30th).

Shell home pages are in place for most clans in Nova Scotia. Many are not yet enhanced with backgrounds and other "netscape-ese" embellishments. A tentative target date is also St. Andrews Day. We are allowing ourselves a "just in case" breathing space deadline of St. Nicholas Day (Old Christmas, December 6th) when the Nicholas Festival will again take place in the Winter Gardens of Duthie Park, Aberdeen Scotland.

Many clans are preparing material for their home pages. We have set a deadline for development of several clan pages by the Feast of St. Drostan, disciple of St. Columba of Deer, c.610 (December 14th).

Other Scottish information, mainly about the Scots and Scottish Clans in Scotland and New Scotland (Nova Scotia) and hopefully of interest to many readers, is found in the various sections of this web site.

This web site will always be expanding as information is received and inserted. In New Scotland (Nova Scotia), it is said of our weather which emphasizes all four seasons more or less gently: "If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes!"

The same is true of this web site. If you don't see something interesting, wait ....well, not five minutes ..... five days!

Explore and Enjoy!

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Graphics are under revision; please excuse many temporary glitches.

This web site is produced at home, in lynx, in DOS, on a IBM 286 computer by a determined descendant (me) of at least eight determined Highland Scottish emigrants who came to to Nova Scotia in the early 1800s. This specimen of their progeny is adamant that the Scottish Clans in Nova Scotia should be presented as proudly and gracefully as possible on Netscape.

This means hours of viewing and noting glitches on the site during half-hour time slots on the one "netscaped computer" at the Halifax Public Library, and drinking countless mugs of hot mulled cranberry cider to qualify for half-hour time slots on netscaped computers at the Second Cup Coffee House on Spring Garden Road.

Folks, it ain't easy!

But, in today's web world, it is necessary. I beg your forgiveness of possibly some really weird graphics, until I get downtown to see the likes of them and back home to fix the likes of them. The real world never promised a Rose Garden; the cyber world doesn't either!

Janet MacKay, B.R.E., B.Sc.
IP Editor: Scottish Clans in Nova Scotia
President; Clan MacKay Society of New Scotland

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