Clan MacQueen

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Gaelic Name for MacQueen: MacShuibhne		   
	     	 	 (son of the good going)

	     		 [in Skye] MacSuain 
	     		 (MacSween, MacSwan, Swan)
	     		 MacCuine, MacShuibhne 
	     		 [Norse] Sweyn, Swyne 
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Origin of Clan MacQueen

Clansfolk of Clan MacQueen

Clan MacQueen in the Military

Septs of Clan MacQueen

Symbols of Clan MacQueen

The MacQueens are of Norse origin, from Sweyn or Swyne which translate to the Gaelic "MacCuine" or "MacShuibhne."

Although more recently regarded as a sept of Clan Chattan, the Clan MacQueen were in the Western Hebrides, and may have been associated with the Clan Donald.

The name MacQueen is found in many forms: Cuinn, Suibne, Sweyn, MacCunn, MacSween, MacSuain and MacSwan.

Clan MacQueen was historically of the Clan Chattan Group

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