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Lest We Forget:

New Scotland (Nova Scotia)

Decorated World War II Airmen of Pictou County

WW1 enlistees from each of 74 parishes
for (Roman Catholic) Diocese of Antigonish, Nova Scotia

[List compiled by Joan Somers, in memory of her father-in-law.]

Remembering VE Day: 50th Anniversary

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Conflicts of the Clans

Breadalbane Fencibles

93rd Sutherland Highland Regiment of Foot Living History Unit

Scottish Military Tartans

Scottish Civil Wars

Notes on Scottish Military Tartans

Index to Scottish Military Museums

Journal for Scottish Military History and Regiments
Scottish Military Historical Society

Scottish Military Historical Society

Scots at War

Scotland and the Great War Conference [Glasgow, Scotland]

Robert Burns and the Royal Dumfries Volunteers 1795-1796

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Books of Remembrance
Kept in the Memorial Chamber
Third Floor of Peace Tower: Parliament Buildings (Ottawa, Canada)

The Scottish Military Tradition in Canada

Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) Records from WWI

Canadian Highland Regiments

Canadian War Museum

John Munro MacIvor discusses crucial issues of WWI in the chapter:
Canadian Builders and Other Interesting Matters
in his book: The History of the MacIvor Clan in Canada

Canadian Museum of Civilization

Canadian War Museum

Museum of Applied Military History (Canada)

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum

Canadian Military Links

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Lest We Forget:

United States of America

A Quality Resource for U.S. Military veterans

Military Honors (American):
Burial services for veterans. Honor is alive.

General Society War of 1812 Home Page

Royal Welch Fusiliers in America Homepage

84th Regiment of Foot (R. H. E) 1st Coy. II Bn.

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Cape Town Highlanders

Anglo/Zulu War Society

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Lest We Forget


War Is ......

In Flanders Fields....


  • Major William Douglas of the 91st Argyllshire Highlanders 1804.
  • Colour Sergeant Andrew Taylor 72nd Highland Regiment 1856
  • Sergeant George Fox, 42nd Royal Highland Regiment 1856.
  • Canadian Military Genealogical FAQ
  • Military Records for Genealogy
  • Return to General Society War of 1812 Home Page
  • Forty Third Laurel Highlanders - dedicated to history of the Scots in the USA
  • 71st Regiment of Foot (Fraser's Highlanders)

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