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I love tutoring the seniors about the basics of the internet. Sometimes I'm not sure who learns more ... me or them! An interesting point was raised by one of the Cyber Seniors regarding the presence of seniors on the net. It seems that some seniors who use the internet find it an interesting way to challenge "ageism". This is one of the more subtle "isms" in our society that can get passed by because of the more blatant "isms" such as sexism and racism. One woman never tells her age to anyone on the web and she challenges other seniors to do the same.

One of the beauties of the net is that ANYONE can find friends and/or information on the World Wide Web without any of the social disadvantages that sometimes follows us in the "real world" when we deal face to face with people. The Web allows easier access to information and let's face it, information in this age, is POWER. The respect that seniors have earned just by surviving life and making it to become a "senior" is often disregarded. Instead, people often overlook the wisdom and ideas that can come from this experienced group of people.

*Tip* By being 'age anonymous' while doing your surfing, you can do your part of to help combat this irritating social problem. So "seniors" next time you are sending email to a new friend, you are creating information for your homepage or if you are asking for information from a web site somewhere, don't mention your age. Instead, simply be your intelligent, sensitive and experienced self! Enjoy the journey......

Here are some web sites that I found that might be particularly interesting to you:

SENIORS NET (the only place on the web that you can mention your true age!!!)

and PC NOVICE ( an online site that tells about computer publications that are affordable. There is alot of computer information here that is helpful and presented in an unintimidating manner). and of course...

MY HOMEPAGE ( I will soon be adding a link especially for seniors but I will try a different approach by calling it something unique...- if you have any ideas what I can call the link email me at :

Have lots of fun on the net and remember I'm only an email away if you run into trouble!

TaMarah May Spencer House - Internet volunteer


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