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Updated: 25 November 1998

Old CCN Domain Names Expire!

         Chebucto users may be experiencing slower logins as their file directories, addressbooks and web pages are checked for the now outdated domain names when they login. The search is a one time event. Users are urged to remove any references to the old domain names and may choose to automate this process if they wish.

         The old CCN domain names ccn·cs·dal·ca and cfn·cs·dal·ca are being officially retired at the request of our upstream service provider, the Network Operations Centre at Dalhousie University. All links and bookmarks to pages and addresses on CCN using these names will soon no longer work. Please change these links and addresses to to ensure continued access to them.

         All references to these outdated addresses are being purged from CCN files and documents including user files.

Fund Raising Canvass Continues!

         Chebucto volunteers continued to call CCN users in Day 2 of the CCN fund raising canvass. "We're getting a lot of positive responses to CCN from our users", said organizer Richard Rudnicki, "and one in three are donating."

         Johnathan Thibodeau, a Grade XI student and member of CCN Youth added, "We've even had a person call us back after we had gotten no answer from his line. He used Caller ID to get our number and made a donation!"

         The canvass will run Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons for the next two weeks and has a goal of raising $1500 from Chebucto users to help offset the costs of upgrading aging modems and other system needs. It has raised $395 to date.

         Volunteers are needed to help man phones and stuff envelopes. Free munchies and prizes are available. Please come on down and help out!

CCN's First Monthly Social A Success!

         About Thirty Chebucto Community Net users packed into Bob and Lori's Food Emporium for the first CCN monthly social gathering. Regular CCN Users, volunteers and members of the CCN Board mingled and traded tips and info in the two hour gathering. The age of attending users ranged from eight months to seventy years.

         Judged a success by organizers, the Social enabled members of the Chebucto community to put faces to oft-read names from email and Usenet and to hear from other people on CCN how things were going. Your humble correspondent has to report the coffee was quite good too and recommends that attendees of future Socials held there bring their appetites along with them.

         A date for the next Social has not yet been set. Watch here for more as it comes in.

CCN Needs Your Help!

         We're a volunteer-run net which means we need people to volunteer to keep it going. Got a skill that is not being used to its best advantage out in the real world? Just want to help pitch in? Check here for more information on what you can do to help.


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