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Updated: 17 October 2000

System Notice!

Chebucto text-based accounts which have expiry dates between August 14, 2000 and October 17, 2000 may not have received email notice of the account expiry.

If you think your account expires around this time, please check your account status by using the g)o status shortcut. Type 'gstatus' without the quotes while in Lynx and hit Enter or Return. If you see this message after logging into the text service:

"If an error has been made, please call the office at 902-494-2449"

it means that your account has been suspended pending renewal. Follow the Contact Us link to see how to get hold of us to renew your account.

Chebucto Plus account holders do not need to do this. All Chebucto Plus accounts that expired in this time period have already been notified.

Board update

Krista Jera Olmstead has resigned the post of Communications Committee Chair. She will be staying on as Secretary on the Executive Committee. The Communications Chair post will remain vacant for the time being.

Here's the current Board lineup:

Director               Position
Sharon Parker
Chairman of the Board, CCN
Doug McCann
Vice Chair CCN & Chair:
Information Providers' Committee
James Carroll
Treasurer and Chair:
Finance/Fundraising Committee
Krista Jera Olmstead
Derek Ferguson
Bernie Hart
Chair: External Affairs
Marilyn MacDonald
Grace Patterson
Mark Rushton
Chair: Volunteer Committee
Viola Winstanley
Andrew D. Wright
Chair: Policy Committee
Hugh Wright
Ex-officio Member & advisor to
Policy Committee



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