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Photo Album:
Filming Phase IV
Andrew D. Wright
Beacon Correspondent

Photo: Camera crew

Phase IV camera crew filming in front of the Dal A&A Building while stunt crew sets up on the roof of the Chase Building.

Photo: Stunt crew sets up

The stunt crew sets up safety lines on the roof of the Chase Building in preparation for the roof fall later in the night.

Photo: Brian Bosworth

Co-Star Brian Bosworth awaits his cue with two film extras in front of the Dal A&A Building.

Photo: Stunt crew and support

The stunt crew setting up while in the distance in the Dal parking lot all the support trucks and camera cranes wait patiently.

Photo: Stunt crew checking lines

Every line is checked and re-checked by the stunt crew.

Photo: Making boxes

As night falls, the stunt crew start making and stacking cardboard boxes for the stuntman to land on. There was lots of joking about different directors timing the crew on how fast they could make each box. A platform is constructed to make a larger even surface to stack the boxes on.

Photo: Oldtown Police emblem

Police cars and extras badges read "Oldtown Police". Oldtown, Maine, that is.

Photo: Renamed Chase

Names changed to protect the innocent. Here the Chase Building is renamed "University Towers". I have the feeling it's going to look much taller in the film.

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