Nikolai Berdyaev
1874 - 1948

Philosophy ... is the creative perception by the spirit
of the meaning of human existence.
-- Solitude and Society



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    by E. L. Allen
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Articles and Essays

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by N. Berdyaev
Quenchers of the Spirit (1913 - #172), translated by Fr Stephen Janos.
Discord in the Church and Freedom of Conscience (1926 - #315), translated by Fr Alvian N. Smirensky.
Unifying Christians of the East and the West (1926 - #73bis), translated by Fr Michael Knechten.
Orthodoxy and Ecumenism (1927 - #328), translated by Fr Michael Knechten.
The Worth of Christianity and the Unworthiness of Christians (1928 - #24), translated by Donald Attwater.
Universality and Confessionalism (1933 - #64), translated by Fr Stephen Janos.
The Russian Spiritual Renaissance of Beginning XX Century and the Journal Put' (1935 - #403), translated by Fr Stephen Janos.
The Truth of Orthodoxy (1952 - #477), translated by Fr Alvian Smirensky.

about N. Berdyaev
Berdyaev -- The Thinker by Georgii P. Fedotov, translated by Fr. Stephen Janos.
N. Berdyaev by N.O. Lossky, from his 1952 History of Russian Philosophy, reprinted with publisher's permission.
Tribute to N. Berdyaev, on the 50th aniversary of his death (March 23, 1948), by Fr. Stephen Janos.
Freedom in God: A Guide to the Thought of Nicholas Berdyaev, by E. L. Allen
Introduction to Berdyaev, from Russian Philosophy, Volume III, reprinted with publisher's permission.
Shipping Away a Generation of Intellectuals, by Andrei Zolotov. An article on the expulsion from Russia of Berdyaev and other philosophers, with some of their experiences and the legacy they left behind.
Nicolas Berdyaev: Man -- Witness for Primordial Freedom, from Introduction to Modern Existentialism by Ernst Breisach.
Nicholas Berdyaev, Orthodox nonconformist, by Lyn Atterbury, from Third Way magazine, October 1978.
Nicolas Berdyaev – The philosophical and political relevance of a spiritual autobiography, (PDF) by Iuliu-Marius Morariu.

At Other Sites
The Berdyaev Online Library - extensive list of articles by and about N. Berdyaev, maintained by Fr Stephen Janos.
Shestov and Berdyaev: A Comparison of Two Russian Philosophers, (PDF) by Andrea Oppo, in Toronto Slavic Quarterly 25 (2008).
The "Russian Idea" of Nikolai Berdyaev, by David Satter.
New perspectives for Psychotherapy: Introducing Nikolai Berdyaev, by Georg Nicolaus PhD.
      Which theories may be important for the future development of psychotherapy and what role does Nikolai Berdyaev play in this development?
An Overview of Russian Philosophy by Mikhail Epstein.
The Bourgeois Mind, by Nicholas Berdyaev, arranged by Peter Maurin.
Materialism Destroys the Eternal Spirit, by Nicholas Berdyaev, with an introduction by Mark and Louise Zwick.
Philosopher of Freedom - the life and work of Nikolai Berdyaev by Dimitri (Dima) Lisin.
J. Maritain and N. Berdyaev on the Meaning of History, by Boris L. Goubman.
Nikolai Berdyaev and the Eighth Day of Creation, by "Sartre"
Blog on Berdyaev, by "James"

Works Inspired by Berdyaev
Creativity & Redemption
      An essay inspired by Berdyaev & Kandinsky, by Tom Willett
A World of Love and How to Get There (PDF Format).
      This essay was originally an on-line course created by Vern Rossman, of substantial scope and depth, and influenced to a significant extent by Berdyaev.
Real Life is Meeting  
Life is Commitment
      The author of both these works is J.H.Oldham who wrote at the time of World War II. The author tries to find a framework to understand a situation of great instability and change, in many ways similar to what we are experiencing today. Berdyaev seems to have been a considerable support in helping him get to a position of strength and insight.

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