The Sun & Wu Shi (Hao) Styles of Tai Chi

Sun and Wu Shi Family Genealogies

Both of these traditions have their origins with Wu Yu-xiang (1812-1880) a student of both Yang Lu-chan, the founder of the Yang Style of Tai Chi and Chen Ching-ping (or Chen Qing-ping) who taught Zhao Bao Tai Chi.

Wu Yu-xiang had only one prominent student, his nephew Li I-yu (1833- 1892) who, in turn passed his art on to Hao Wei-chen (1849-1920). One of his students was his son, Hao Yue-ru (1877-1935) who continued to teach the Wu Shi (or Hao) style of Tai Chi.

Another of Hao Wei-chen's pupils was Sun Lu-tang (1860-1932) who had already studied Hsing-I Quan with the master Kuo Yun-shen and Pa Kua with master Chen T'ing-hua. He combined elements of all three of these teachings to create the new Sun Style of Tai Chi Chuan. For more detailed information on the historical development of these styles of Tai Chi see Peter Lim's fine articles:

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