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Editorial Policy
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Chebucto Community Net:
Editorial Policy

CCN Editorial Policy covers three areas:

  1. CCN Pages

  2. CCN Information Provider Web Sites

  3. Other (non-CCN) Information Providers (Web Sites)


The CCN Editors (under the Editor-In-Chief) decide issues of style and content for CCN Pages. These include CCN standard button bars, visual logos, general organization and style of pages, etc.

  1. Some policy is set in common

  2. Some is left to individual CCN Editor areas.

This is a dynamic and ever growing sphere. CCN Editors must keep up-to-date with current discussions and decisions.

In the larger sphere, this editorial policy must dovetail with general CCN-IP and Board of Directors policies on the general nature of the Chebucto Community Net. Contentious points will be discussed, however, the final decision rests with the Board of Directors.

The same is true of the CCN Editors group. Decisions are reached by consensus, with the final word being that of the Editor-in-Chief.


Directory Placement & Page Linkage

The decisions of where to place an IP's Directory and where it will be linked, resides with the IP Editor and the CCN Editor. The final decision, however, rests with the latter in terms of ensuring it meets the overall editorial objectives of CCN.

CCN is obliged (on request) to provide a link to an IP's website via an appropriate page. As well, CCN can insist that an IP be linked somewhere on the CCN pages. The name of the link should be the responsibility of the IP organization.

Additional links (cross-links) can be provided at the CCN Editor's discretion. [Policy Note 1]

Content of CCN IP Websites

CCN Editors have responsibilities in four main areas:

  1. Compliance of the material with the CCN IP Agreement

  2. Technical Guidelines

  3. Stylistic Guidelines

  4. Other Matters

Compliance of the material with the CCN IP Agreement

Before linking an IP's material to CCN pages, the CCN Editor should ensure it complies with the IP Agreement, i.e., that to the best of their judgment it is not illegal or defamatory nor is it uncomplimentary to CCN.

If there is any question on this score, refer to CCN-IP, who itself may turn to the Policy on Information Committee for arbitration and a decision.

The CCN Editor should also ensure that the material is in fact that of the IP Organization (i.e. it should not be someone's personal home page material, etc.) In keeping with our non-commercial policy, it should also not be overtly commercial. In case of uncertainty, refer to CCN-IP.

Technical Guidelines

The CCN Editor should also assess the technical quality of the site ensuring that it has:

  1. correct HTML coding

  2. anchor elements that actually work

  3. relative (rather than absolute) links for local material

  4. it is functional and legible by both text-only and graphical browsers

Important problems should be drawn to the attention of the IP Editors group, with a request that they be rectified before the site is linked to CCN pages. If necessary, IP applicants can be referred back to IP Training to remedy problems. Proceed by consensus, but the final call is with the CCN Editor.

The CCN maintains a strong commitment to both low-income users, whose computer systems may have no option but to use text browsers, and to the handicapped for whom text-only systems may be necessity. Thus we require that all CCN IP's have websites that can function correctly and comprehensibly in text-only mode. [Policy Note 2]

Stylistic Guidelines

These involve suggestions to the IP Editor with respect to:

  1. employing the CCN standard button bar

  2. acknowledging the CCN

  3. links back to the CCN Home Page

  4. other items that CCN Editors may in the future decide.

These matters should be addressed through requests. Final call is with the IP Editor.

Other Matters

Editors may occasionally be called on to deal with other issues such as:

  1. IP Editors are not managing their files correctly

  2. IP Editors are not managing their mail list properly

  3. Other complaints about an IP site

Resolving these issues will be on a case-by-case basis until such time as a policy on such topics is formulated.

Beyond this, it is not the responsibility of CCN nor of CCN Editors to meddle in the content of a CCN IP website. Providing the IP adheres to their IP Agreement, what they provide in their site is their choice.

Complaints about an IP site should be referred to the IP Editor, with a clear indication that this is their responsibility, and not that of CCN.


What other links are provided to non-CCN IPs is left to the individual CCN Editor.[Policy Note 3]

Requests to provide links should be viewed in light of the above and whether the material is:

  1. Of good quality

  2. Of potential interest to CCN users

As in the case of CCN IPs, requests for multiple links should be examined critically to ensure they are warranted.

Requests to delete links should be considered only in situations where:

  1. the nature of the site has changed

  2. there are significant technical problems with the site

  3. the site does not comply with our overall policy or objectives

  4. the site has ceased to exist

Someone's personal objection to a site is not sufficient reason to remove a link to it.

WWW and Internet space are public domain and CCN (in common with other Internet organizations) reserves for itself the right to select what websites it chooses to link to, and in what context. [Policy Note 4]

[Policy Note 1] Our policy is to provide multiple links to an IP only where circumstances warrant. One might argue that an IP belongs in many categories, and should be linked in all of them. To avoid too much redundancy in our directory structure (some redundancy is good), making it meaningless, we must carefully examine each request to cross-link.

[Policy Note 2] We don't want to be pedants, but on the other hand we must ensure that the standard of material on CCN remains high. No one's material is perfect, but on the other hand, gross errors that interfere with the site's correct usage or rendering must be dealt with.

[Policy Note 3] In keeping with both the community and non-commercial spirit of the CCN we should endeavor to:

  1. Provide links to other significant community resources; and

  2. Not link sites whose sole raison d'etre is blatant selling

[Policy Note 4] The CCN Editor may choose to editorialize, for instance:

[14] Widgetworld International
This is an important and interesting site on widgets, however, it contains certain historical and factual inaccuracies.

If such editorial remarks come into dispute, in the interest of courtesy to our fellow Internet organizations, we should strive for a wording that all can agree on. If no agreement is possible, simply include the link with no editorial comment.

You should ensure that any editorial comments are factual and would not tend to bring the reputation of any other person into disrepute (which is defamation).


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