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Becoming an Editor
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Becoming an Editor

There are several things which you should/must do in the process of becoming an editor and several tools and resources that are at your disposal to help you in this process.

Read all the documents in this Editors Guide thoroughly
Much of the information that you need to know is described in these documents. Familiarizing yourself with it will move you a major step along the way of becoming an effective CCN Editor. You must be thoroughly familiar with the Editorial Policy of the CCN, the IP Agreement, the relationship between the Editors and IP Training, the Graphic User Interface of the CCN and its coding, etc. The editors work together as a unit and you have to be prepared to work together in a team spirit.

Subscribe to the Editors List
<> is an essential part of being a CCN Editor. This mailing list is our means of communicating with one another and many important technical and policy discussions take place here. If you are interested in getting involved in the CCN Editorial Team this is the place to learn what is going on and where to ask questions.

Liase with the Editor-In-Chief on subscribing to this list.

Examine the Editors Archive
The Editors Archive allows you to subscribe, unsubscribe, find out information and check who is on the Editors List. It also contains a chronological listing of posts made to this list. This is an excellent way to find and refer to previous discussions and information from the list. [N.B. You must have subscribed to in order to be able to access this archive.]

Take the Information Provider Training Courses
As a CCN Editor your starting point is an editing proficiency at least equal to that of the Information Provider Editors (IPE's). You need to be fluent in HTML as well as understand file installation, Revision Control System, List Management, etc. If you are not already an IPE you must take the IP Training which is offered on-line by the CCN.

Familiarize yourself with the Information Providers Database
The Information Providers Database is the main administrative vehicle for keeping track of all aspects of the application, training, creation and operation of Information Providers. All editors must be fluent with its structure and operation and must be prepared to employ it. [N.B. You must have received HTTP authorized access in order to be able to access the IPDB.]

At the same time familiarize yourself with the CCN Administration Archives. [N.B. You must have received HTTP authorized access in order to be able to access these archives.].

Subscribe to CCN-IP
CCN-IP <> is the umbrella mailing list of the CCN-IP Committee that covers all aspects of the CCN's relationships with its Information Providers. The Editors team is a subgroup of CCN-IP. The mailing list includes discussions on editorial matters, training issues, recruitment of new Information Providers, communications issues, etc.

On-line IP Registration requests are directed to CCN-IP where they are directed to the appropriate editor. Subscribe to ccn-ip. The committee also holds regular meetings (generally every two weeks) which you are welcome to attend.

Liase with the Editor-in-Chief
While doing all of the above, you can discuss with the Editor-in-Chief what your interests are as well as where gaps might lie in the current editorial structure. In consultation you can decide what area it might be worth your while to tackle.

When the Editor-in-Chief feels you are ready you can be assigned as an Editor or apprentice Editor and you will be given editing permissions for the appropriate areas on the CCN where you will be doing your work. As an apprentice or associate editor you will liase with the other editors in your subject area to make sure that continuing work that needs to be done is addressed as well as launching any new initiatives that you may feel are worthwhile.

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