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Here are a few useful contacts, brought to you by CUUPS Nova Scotia...
The Web Home for UU Pagans (was previously "Unofficial CUUPS Web Site").
This is the closest to an approved version of CUUPS philosophies and practice. Thanks to the owner and designers of this page, and may many blessings be yours!

National Capital FreeNet / Libertel de la Capitale nationale, Ottawa, Canada
Ottawa CUUPS group web-page on Ottawa freenet. Some useful contacts here, nice people...

New Orleans CUUPS page.
New page from CUUPS in New Orleans. Try it to find out what's going on in that part of the world!

UU Church of Nashua, CUUPS group
Another CUUPS group -- with link to a personal statement of "What is a Pagan?"

Arachne's Web: Pagan/Wiccan Links
This is a general listing of (almost) anything anybody in the pagan/heathen/CUUPS community has ever heard of. A useful source of contacts, but not all are recommended either by the owner of Arachne's Web (as I understand) or by the owner of the Halifax CUUPS page (where you are just now).

More links will be added if and when I have the time to search them out and the patience to paste them in... However there's sufficient here to keep you going for many happy hours of world-wide-webbing. Enjoy!

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