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Selections from our photo gallery of volunteer lake stakeholders, leading associate and other research partners, and contractual biology participants

Soil & Water Conservation Society of Metro Halifax (SWCSMH)      Snapshot summary of our accomplishments

Updated: February 03, 2017                           Lake Samplers/Stakeholders

Crackerjack environmental engineer, Heike Pfletschinger, at the HRMMotivated volunteers, Walter Pilon and biologist, Peter Shacklock, at Maynard Lake, DartmouthLcdr Tom Willdey, a longtime pragmatic volunteer at several lakes all over HRM
Bob Bode, a leading North American benthic ecologist from NYS, advises us as neededMayor Peter Kelly serving the young at our Maynard Lake cleanup-June 2004Retired senior meteorologist of Environment Canada, Capt.(retd.) John Owens Jr., a dedicated participant; he also attends the meetings of the Halifax Watershed Advisory Board (HWAB) regularly as an `observer'!Prof. Gerrie Mackie PhD, a leading benthic ecologist of Canada from the University of Guelph, assisted us whenever needed!
Prof. Dr. Pete Ogden III, one of our founding membersCapt. (retd) Mike Shacklock actively involved in our Tv series during 1989-96 as well as at Sandy lake, BedfordMark Leaman at HubleyProf. Jack Burney PhD PEng, our appointee on the Halifax Watershed Advisory Board (HWAB) for several years
Benthic Ecologist, Kim Hynes, at the NRC labFire Captain, Leonard Lowe, of Fall River, and biologist, Monica Gaertner at Kinsac Lake, WaverleyVirologist, Spencer Lee, at his office, QEII LabsProf. John Smol PhD FRSC, a world_class palelimnologist, is also an associate of ours!
Joanne Vokey, a marine biologist from Newfoundland, performed her project superbly for us, literally at lightening speed!Pat MacCaull of Morris Lake along with biologist, Monica Gaertner, at Russell Lake, DartmouthEvan Crowe, formerly of Morris Lake, Dartmouth, a dedicated volunteer throughout the 1990sBenthic Ecologist, Kim Hynes, and Biologist, Cathy Reeves, at McGrath Lake
Ron Sampson assisted at Lake Charlotte and at other lakes in Eastern HRM during the 1990sResearch Biologist, Penelope Kirsch, at the NRC libraryDarrell McInnis of our past educational community cable showsFall River volunteer, Dave Kerr, assisting our contractual participant at Kinsac Lake
Prof. Pete Dillon PhD FRSC advised us extensively over a whole decade while originally with the OME and then subsequently as the NSERC Industrial ChairClaire Chisholm, of the Dept. of Biological Engineering, TUNS, assisted in certain organisational activitiesEnvironmental engineer from Germany, Heike Pfletschinger, with extremely cooperative staff of HRM's GIS department during early 2001!Biologist, Tara Travers, sampling at Wrights Lake
John Underwood PhD was our founding partner during 1989-90 while he was with the Nova Scotia Dept. of EnvironmentBoth Peter Murray as well as his wife, Mary, have assisted in underwater cleanups, in  miniconferences, and in other activitesDedicated benthic ecologist, Kim Hynes of Ontario, looks all alone at Morris Lake!Director of the NRCC during 1997-99, Dr. John van der Meer, was a kind partner!
Chief Warrant Officer (retd), Bob MacDonald, of the world reknown Canadian corvettes of WWII, volunteered at several lakes in HRM and East HantsKeith Somers PhD, Ontario Ministry of Environment's biostatistician and senior scientist, assisted us with multivariate modelling!Aquatic toxicologist, Ken DoeBiologist, Pam Bishop, samples Lake Charlotte for phycology; looking on is a lake stakeholder, Rodney Frail!
Environment Canada's Geoff Howell was a booster in addition to being an associate (he departed Mother Earth in early 2004)Kind coperation by the Lakeview- Windsor Junction- Fall River Fire Department in our studies of Kinsac Lake during Fall of 1998Colleen Fisher, an organizer for us at Springfield Lake for the National Science and Technology Week on October 25, 1997An awesome teacher, Tanya Holt of Dalhousie University in 2002, was a collaborator at Bissett and Russell Lakes
MP for Dartmouth, Wendy Lill, viewing benthic macroinvertebrates collected by biologist, Monica Gaertner, at the NRC labs; winter of 1999Biologist, Monica Gaertner, and assistant, Angie, practicing kick-n-sweep at Maynard Lake during Fall of 1998Carolyn J. Bird PhD of the NRC, a partner, during 1998-99!Prof. Dr. Bob Wetzel, recipient of all major international honours in Limnology, had been our adviser!
Biologist, Monica Gaertner, studying the substrate at Russell Lake in Fall of 1998Conscientious volunteer_biologist, Peter ShacklockBenthic ecologist, Kim Hynes, and one of our partners, Phil from CFB Shearwater at Site-4, Morris lakeBenthic ecologist, Kim Hynes, studiously identifying the lake zoobenthos using a powerful microscope at the NRC labs!
NRC's Director of Marine Biology, John van der Meer PhD, a significant partner during 1997-99!Summer 2002 Biology students of Dalhousie University surveying the macrophytes at Russell LakeTony Blouin PhD, Manager, Environmental Performance-Water, SEMO, HRMNRC's Research Officer, Stewart Johnson PhD, a major partner during 1997-99
Ted Tam PEng, of the HRM and formerly with the Halifax County, has been a partner as well!click to view images with conscientious MLA, Marilyn MoreDr. Joe Kerekes, Scientist Emeritus-Environment CanadaJames Beaton-Johnson, Leo Fares, and Amy Trottier, of the Maynard Lake beach restoration subcommittee
Lcdr. Tom Willdey and Shalom Mandaville sampling Bissett Lake on an unusually freezing morning in January 1993; photo courtesy of Dartmouth PatriotLewis Leroy Maxwell of Upper Sackville was a great supporter!Select past partners: NSDEL and the NSPC with Shalom Mandaville of the SWCSMHKelly Marney, two divers from the Halifax Leatherbacks, and Stuart Marney during our Maynard Lake event in June 2002!
Our featured musician, Alastair D. Macdonald, entertaining the public at our Maynard Lake cleanup-June 2004Partner, Sean Naugle, of the Sobeys group at our Maynard Lake cleanup-June 2004Another of the suppliers, John Harvey of Humpty Dumpty products, at our Maynard Lake cleanup-June 2004A `klingon' (from outer space?) descended at our Maynard Lake cleanup-June 2004
Applied limnologist, Shalom Mandaville, founder and head, during one of his regular limnolgical studies of lakes in HRMMichael and Mary Rosnak along with Mayor Peter Kelly at our Maynard Lake cleanup-June 2004Craig Campbell PEng of the HRM was a much appreciated partner during 2002!The world-class expert, Prof. Kate Field PhD, of the Oregon State University on the BST based on the common anaerobic Bacteroides Prevotella species
our underwater and littoral cleanup of Kearney Lakeour underwater and littoral cleanup of Kearney Lakeour underwater and littoral cleanup of Settle Lakeour underwater and littoral cleanup of Settle Lake

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