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Snapshot summary of our accomplishments

Soil & Water Conservation Society of Metro Halifax (SWCSMH), and OneDrive

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Monitoring of the Sackville River watershed

We monitored the Little Sackville River at sub-watershed critical points for around seven (7) non-consecutive years, as needed, as well as aspects to do with the Middle Sackville Landfill dating back to the mid-1980s.

Impromptu construction monitoring

We carried out impromptu construction monitoring, and this was primarily for TSS and/or Turbidity during select major construction events, mostly in the urban HRM area for this phase of our activities, and concentrated on major construction projects in Dartmouth and Cole Harbour and other fringe urban areas.

The Grandfather of Acid Rain, Prof. Dr. Eville Gorham, on our shows in Dec. 1990

Educational television shows

During the years 1988 to 1996, we produced three hundred and twenty three (323) weekly, mostly educational and scientific, Community Cable Tv shows under the banners of "In Harmony With Nature", "Science Is Your World", and "Science & Nature".

Public presentations

We held approximately twenty (20) extensive educational presentations all around HRM and its previous municipalities during the 1990s to which the public was cordially invited through media adverts and in a few cases by house-to-house distribution of pamphlets. The best attended was in the Hubley area when around one hundred (100) people attended and the least attended was in Waverley where only five (5) attended; but the Waverley one was the second one as the first presentation at Waverley was attended by around twenty (20) residents!

Physical cleanups of lakes

We are not all wrapped up in scientific aspects exclusively though; during the National Environment Weeks (always first week of June), we spearheaded significant littoral and the underwater physical cleanups of the following lakes:--

  Kearney Lake in Halifax on June 02, 1991

  Settle Lake in Dartmouth on June 04, 1994

  Maynard Lake in Dartmouth on June 01, 2002, and on June 05, 2004
......... local residents also took considerable leadership! We have participated in community physical cleanups organized by others as well.

World_class molecular biologist, Prof. Dr. Kate Field, of OregonWe have spearheaded the first ever BST at a lake in Nova Scotia in partnership with the Environmental Management Services (EMS) of HRM. This is to establish the primary source of fecal pollution at the Maynard Lake Beach.

Tangible benefits derived by various entities from our research

Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM); N.S. Dept. of the Environment (NSE); Stakeholder groups and other agencies; select consultants; and undergraduate and graduate students

Significant benefits to the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) as well as to the former Halifax County Municipality:

VIEW/ICON/scholar-onebox.gif A sampling from the sixty (60) of the emails received from HRM’s staff asking for info from Applied Limnologist, Shalom M. Mandaville

Benefits derived by the Nova Scotia Environment (NSE):

VIEW/ICON/scholar-onebox.gif A sampling from the thirty (30) of the emails received from NSEL’s staff asking for info from applied limnologist, Shalom M. Mandaville

Benefits to stakeholder groups and other agencies:

Various local stakeholder groups operating (or operated) within several HRM districts, university students/professors, vocational school students working for them as well as other Government agencies (e.g, the DFO; Environment Canada) have also utilized our scientific reports and data; example undeleted emails that are still in our possession, not all, have been placed in our web space:

Benefits derived by select consultants:

Use of our formal studies as well as of our archive data by professional consultants and by university professors/institutes:

VIEW/ICON/scholar-onebox.gif Most enquiries received have been via extensive phone calls. A sampling from the emails received from consultants asking for info from applied limnologist, Shalom M. Mandaville

Assistance to undergraduate and graduate students:

  Several requests we received since 1990 were by phone, but there have been some via emails; example emails have been placed in our web space

Our objectives

(a)  To research, synthesize and compile scientific literature, carry out monitoring programs, carry out case studies, carry out public education programs on the visual as well as the printed media, lobby regulatory agencies, and others on a voluntary/partnership basis. In addition, if time and opportunity permit, to carry out research on a scientific as well as a technical basis independently, and/or in collaboration with private and public institutions, and
(b)  To assist and advice individuals, groups, organizations, cities and towns, and county, and provincial, federal, and international governments in reducing the costly waste of land and water resources and in putting to good use these assets.
And primarily concentrate in Theoretical/Applied Limnology (i.e. scientific study of lakes and running waters) as well as in Lake Management and Freshwater Benthic Ecology. Also entering the domain of sustainable development (freshwater/marine eco-systems).

Soil & Water Conservation Society of Metro Halifax (SWCSMH) Master Homepage                         Soil & Water Conservation Society of Metro Halifax (SWCSMH) Master Homepage

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