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"In Harmony With Nature", "Science Is Your World", and "Science & Nature"- Homepage

....... a project of the Soil & Water Conservation Society of Metro Halifax (SWCSMH)

Snapshot summary of our accomplishments                   LISTING OF TAPINGS

Without freedom of thought there can be no such thing as wisdom ............................Benjamin Franklin

Our Mission (the show has now completed its mandate and may be revived in the future)

Among our roles are stimulation of scientific research and provision of scientific information; we will endeavour in every way possible to bring science closer to the public. We have a unique part to play in that we provide scientists, technocrats, educators and administrators with the opportunity to speak directly to the community through Community Cable. Subjects range from the Natural and Applied Sciences, mysteries of outer space, amateur inventions, environmental medicine to global warming and other environmental issues, engineering and technology as well as general interest topics to understand Nature at its finest in the broadest sense (e.g. underwater shows), and Nature's place among evolutionists as well as creationists, the last aspect not without its inherent controversy among the intellectuals as well as the interested public alike; always the attempt is to ensure relevance to issues of the day. Environmental topics are always of a great interest to us as they were the basis when the predecessor show, `In Harmony With Nature' was first taped on 15 June 1988 (Listing of tapings).

Volunteer Founder & Executive Producer:
Shalom M. Mandaville, Professional Lake Manage., Dartmouth

Produced at:
Access Cable, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

Volunteer Associate Producer:
Peter Shacklock, Research Biologist, Portuguese Cove

Volunteer technical personnel:
Peter Shacklock, Research Biologist, Portuguese Cove
Capt. Mike Shacklock, Eng. Tech., Bedford
Sally Burns, Lower Sackville

Volunteer Hosts and Guest-Hosts:
Peter Shacklock, Research Biologist, Portuguese Cove
Capt. Mike Shacklock, Eng. Tech., Bedford
Joanne Taylor, Freelance writer, Halifax
Patrick Ryall PhD, Asst. Dean of Science, Dalhousie University
Dorothy Godfrey-Smith PhD, Director, TOSL Research Laboratory, Earth Sciences Dept., Dalhousie University
Henrietta Mann PhD, Biological Eng. Dept., DalTech, Halifax
Rick Scott, Senior Research Associate, CWRS, TUNS
Andrew Hebda, Curator-Zoology, N.S. Museum of Natural History, Halifax
Prof. Martin Willison PhD, Biology Dept., Dalhousie Univ., Halifax
Marvin Silver PhD, Sessional Professor, Biology Dept., Dalhousie Univ.
Prof. Chris Watts PhD, PEng, Professor, Agricultural & Environmental Eng. Dept., TUNS
Lexine Hefler-Hiltz., Artist Extra-ordinaire, Lower Sackville
Prof. Peter Wilson PhD, PEng, Head, Industrial Eng. Dept., TUNS
Prof. Leslie Jaeger PhD, PEng, Civil Eng. Dept., TUNS
Prof. Adam Bell PhD, PEng, Head, Mechanical Eng. Dept., TUNS
Marla Kinsman, Secretary, Aylesford
Bill Horne, Chemist, Environment Canada
Bob Cross, Trout Unlimited, Dartmouth
Valerie Eisener, Miss Bedford-1988
Nancy Clarke, Miss Sackville-1988
Barbara Topp-Nowen, Biologist, Lakeview
Victoria Bayer, Miss Teen Halifax-Dartmouth 1987-88

Our valued volunteer-guests have been from numerous Federal, Provincial & Municipal agencies/departments (DFO, N.S. Dept. of Env., N.S. Dept. of Natural Resources, Environment Canada, Halifax County, N.S. Dept. of Health, and others), Universities (Dalhousie, TUNS and St. Mary's), Federal institutions (BIO and NRC principally), private consultants and businesses.

One of the internationally respected scientists to appear was Dr. John R. Vallentyne PhD a.k.a. `Johnny Biosphere' during 1990, at the time Co-Chairman, Science Advisory Panel, Canada-U.S. Great Lakes Water Quality Board whose special trip from Burlington, Ontario was funded by a grant from Environment Canada (Burlington) in order to appear on our show.

Another international pioneer to appear was Dr. Eville Gorham PhD a.k.a. `Grandfather of Acid Rain' of the University of Minnesota.

We herewith express our gratitude and salutations to all of our valued guests for sharing their knowledge with our viewers.

Snapshot summary of our accomplishments                   Soil & Water Conservation Society of Metro Halifax (SWCSMH) Master Homepage

We salute the Chebucto Community Net (CCN) of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada for hosting our web site, and we applaud its volunteers for their devotion in making `CCN' the best community net in the world