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Amiga Browser Software

Mosaic v1.2
Mosaic v1.2 Amiga Mosaic is a networked information discovery, retrieval, and collaboration tool and World Wide Web browser. Mosaic provides a hypertext interface to the global Internet. Hypertext is text which contains highlighted links, called hyperlinks or anchors, to other texts. Each highlighted phrase (in color or underlined) is a hyperlink to another document or information resource somewhere on the Net.
ALynx is the Amiga port of Unix/VMS Lynx. It's a distributed hypertext browser with full World Wide Web capabilities. It is fully textbased, runs in a CLI window or on a separate screen. Graphics/sound can be (dis)played by external viewers like MultiView. Features: forms, mail, news (readonly), ftp, telnet, gopher, proxys, printing, saving, links on inline-graphics, external editors, bookmarkfiles, history, search within pages, different character sets, vi/emacs-keys, keypad navigation, numbered links, redefinable keymap, mail comment to author of page, local edit of pages, shortcut jump-to-url, debug trace-mode, toggle image links, toggle pseudo inlines, abort transfer without loosing already transfered data, several restrictions to set up for BBS support, # cache pages configurable, dump page (displayed or source for script access), etc. etc.
AWeb is a World Wide Web browser for the Amiga computer.
    It offers the following features:
  • AWeb doesn't use Magical User Interface (MUI). It uses BOOPSI classes instead, which results in less memory usage and increased speed. The BOOPSI classes are partially custom designed for AWeb, and partially from the ClassAct kit.
  • AWeb can use a wide range of TCP-stacks: AmiTCP/IP, I-Net225, AS-225 or compatible. Without TCP stack running, you can still view local files.
  • AWeb uses extensive internal multitasking, which leads to total asynchroneous and parallel network access. Images are starting to load while the document is still loading. It is possible to follow a link while the previous document is still loading. A separate network status window shows all pending network and local file accesses. All network accesses can be interrupted immediately.
  • The HTML-2 standard is fully supported, including forms. For buggy pages not conforming to the standard, AWeb offers a compatibility mode.
  • AWeb supports the use of proxies for HTTP, FTP, Gopher and Telnet. Because some proxies can't handle forms or other special cases, the use of proxies can be temporarily disabled from the menu.
  • The HTTP and Gopher protocols are supported internally. By using external programs, FTP and Mailto can be used too. HTTP user authorization is supported.
  • AWeb lets you load all images, delay all image loading, or load only clickable maps and delay other images. For delayed images, the ALT text is taken into account. Transparent GIFs are supported. The 24-bit picture datatype (picturedtV43) is supported.
  • To improve network speed, host names and network addresses are cached so addresses are looked up only once during a session.
  • AWeb can open it's windows on the default public screen, on a named public screen or open its own screen.
  • In extension to its own hotlist, AWeb can read other hotlists, like those of AMosaic and early IBrowse betas.
  • An advanced settings requester is integrated in the program.
  • AWeb has an ARexx interface, and a unique and powerful shell command interface.

    REQUIREMENTS ------------

    AWeb needs:

  • OS 3.0 or better
  • At least 2MB of memory, preferably more
  • Either AmiTCP/IP, I-Net225 or AS-225 if you want to access the Internet
  • Appropriate picture datatypes (GIF, JPEG) to show inlined images
Voyager v1.0
Voyager 1.0 is a freely distributable WWW browser for AmigaOS. Its range of features covers:

  • It's faaaast. On the average, Voyager outruns any other available Amiga Web browser by a factor of two.
  • Supports the full HTML-2 standard as described in RFC-1866, including forms. It doesn't want to be a reference implementation, though, and tries to make the best even out of malformed documents.
  • Supports many proposed so called HTML-3 extensions.
  • Supports Client Side Image Maps.
  • Supports Netscape-Level 1 (NHTML) extensions, including (center), floating images, background images and text coloring (both RGB and named colors).
  • Supports HTTP access authorization.
  • Supports ftp, gopher and wais via proxy.
  • Supports news: usenet news reading and posting.
  • Supports interfacing to mail readers and telnet clients for mailto:: and telnet: URLs.
  • Document cache with optional automatic last-modified-date-based verify.
  • Versatile hierarchical bookmark system, allowing export in HTML format,, menu selection and drag'n'drop sorting.
  • Full support for true color displays with V43 datatypes.
  • Asynchronous network handling. Multiple windows..
  • works with Miami, AmiTCP, r2, inet225 and mlink.
  • can be used without a network package as a local file viewer (esspecially useful with client-side-image-maps)
See the VaporWare Homepage for the latest version of Voyager, as well as other Amiga net software!


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