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Amiga Communications Software
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Amiga Communications Software

Term 4.6 (newest update)
Term is a freeware telecommuncations program designed for use with any Amiga computer running KickStart 2.04 or higher. It's features include:
  • Fast built in VT-220 emulation
  • Support for custom terminal emulation modules
  • Operates in any display environment, supports all screen display modes
  • Support for file transfer modules (XPR standard)
  • File and printer capturing functions
  • Review Bufffer support
  • Powerful phonebook and dialing functions
  • Built-in ARexx interface
  • Login Script learn mode
  • Built-in keyword/response parser; makes Term to respond to BBS prompts without having to program the ARexx interface

AmiTCP/IP is the first publicly available TCP/IP protocol stack for the SANA-II interface. AmiTCP/IP provides an application level socket interface to the Internet protocol suite as an Amiga shared library.
Terminus version 2.0e
Terminus 2.0, a highly capable and flexible, if not seasoned telecommunications tool for the Amiga personal computer system. Terminus is a completely rewritten replacement for JR-Comm 1.02a. It is not an update.

The following are some of the major features present in Terminus 2.0.

  • Reentrant program design for multiple sessions using 1 copy of program code in ram.
  • All internal functions multitask.
  • Can be iconified.
  • The entire program is keyboard navigable.
  • Automated script record feature to create login scripts.
  • ARexx and XPR support.
  • Display system uses custom scroll routines for fast scroll rates and interleaved bitmaps to eliminate flicker during scrolling without the need for a 68020 or higher cpu.
  • TTY, AMIGA, IBM COLOR/MONO, VT52, VT102 AND VT220 terminal emulations. All emulations are as complete and as accurate as possible.
  • Console definition files to easily change Terminus between different terminal configurations.
  • XMODEM, XMODEM-CRC, XMODEM-1k, YMODEM, YMODEM-1k, YMODEM-g and ZMODEM file transfer protocols included internally for fast throughput rates. XPR support for other less used protocols.
  • ChipMiser option for systems with limited chip ram space.
  • Integral remote CLI/Shell feature.
  • Phonebook entry support for multiple number systems with upto 4 numbers per entry.


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