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Amiga Miscellaneous Software & Utilities
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Amiga Miscellaneous Software & Utilities

UUin and UUout
uuIn and uuOut are a pair of very rapid uuencode/decoders. They beat anything currently available on Aminet by a good margin, especially on decoding. Workbench 2.04 or higher is required.
IRC Guide
An AmigaGuide database on everything you would want to know about IRC & IRCII. Explains all commands and basics in an easy to use amigaguide format.
EFF's Guide to the InterNET, v2.3
This is the latest version of EFF's Extended Guide to the InterNET, the follow-up to the wildly popular 'Big Dummy's Guide'.
Virus Checker v 7.17 -=(newest update)=-
Latest version of Virus Checker for the amiga computer. Preforms a number of virus checks on all drives, including RAM.
Filer 3.22
Filer is an Intuition controlled file manager for OS 2.04 and newer. It is ShareWare, see documentation for registration details. You can use Filer for copying, deleting and renaming files or creating directories. You can create, list and extract archives with it or use it as an universal viewing tool. Filer even is able to control your whole system as a replacement for the Workbench. Some of Filer's features are:
  • font-sensitive, resizable and Style Guide compliant GadTools GUI
  • ARexx interface
  • highly configurable
  • keyboard support
  • class support
  • archive support
  • Envoy support

HTML-Heaven is a suite of programs enabling you easy access to HTML commands from your favorite editor. Thus making the creation and maintenance of HTML (WWW) pages a lot easier. HTML-Heaven reaches this goal by using ARexx to interface with your editor and insert the HTML commands you select from any of it's programs into that editor.
AmiQWK v2.9
AmiQWK II is a QWKMail format offline message reader for the Amiga line of personal computers. AmiQWK II is compatable with message packets generated by any message packer using the QWKMail format. AmiQWK has been tested with packets from the MarkMail and RoseMail doors for PCBoard BBS (IBM), the TomCat door for WildCat BBS (IBM), MailRoom and DLGQWK doors for DLG Pro BB/OS (Amiga), the internal QWK bundler in Excelsior! BBS (Amiga) and QWKMail packets from many other BBSes. AmiQWK II requires AmigaDos 2.04 or higher. 1.3 users should continue to use version 1.22.
    AmiQWK II features include
  • Designed around Workbench 2.0
  • Works on public screen
  • Supports Taglines
  • Can display text files (hello/goodbye files, new files list, bulletins,etc)
  • Messages and text files can be saved to ASCII file or printed.
  • Supports adding/dropping of conferences via email (if QWKMail packer supports this feature)
  • AmigaGuide online help and documentation
  • Most actions accessible via either mouse or keyboard

AmiQWK II is Freeware.
Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) Version 2.6.2
Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), from Phil's Pretty Good Software, is a high security cryptographic software application for MSDOS, Unix, VAX/VMS, Amiga and other computers. PGP allows people to exchange files or messages with privacy, authentication, and convenience. Privacy means that only those intended to receive a message can read it. Authentication means that messages that appear to be from a particular person can only have originated from that person. Convenience means that privacy and authentication are provided without the hassles of managing keys associated with conventional cryptographic software. No secure channels are needed to exchange keys between users, which makes PGP much easier to use. This is because PGP is based on a powerful new technology called "public key" cryptography. And PGP performs the public-key functions faster than most other software implementations. PGP is public key cryptography for the masses. PGP 2.6.2 works completely with Kickstart 2.0 and above. It mostly works with Kickstart 1.3, but the key generation still does not function under 1.3. (We are working on that, however.)

---PGPAmiga is freeware.---


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