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Atari ST/TT/Falcon Communications Software
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Atari ST/TT/Falcon Communications Software

STinG v1.26 *Freeware* P. Rottengarter and R. Andersson
An full-featured TCP/IP PPP program for the ST. Use LHarc to open and follow the directions carefully. Updated TCP and Serial STX modules below must be used with this version. Use the X-Control.CPX to change settings easily. Read the information file from Ronald. Also, you can find an information sheet on running STinG 1.26 on a plain 1mb 1040ST along with CAB v1.5
Flash v1.60
The best telecommunications program available for Atari users. Online documentation, full Z-Modem upload/download capability and set up to dial CCN via the F1 key; other users can reassign this key to their own internet service. Can be run from a floppy or a hard drive.
Teddy-TERM V2.14
One of the better telecommunications programs available today for Atari users. Online documentation. Due to the size of the uncompressed copy, it is recommended this program be used in conjunction with a hard drive.
X Y Z V2.02
Allows you to use X,Y or ZModem. An enhanced version of 2.01, ZModem-G, 32-bit CRCs, extended ZModem options are all now supported. Also features improved serial port handling.

ANSI - ST V0.40
The Atari ST ANSI Screen Driver designed to compliment the built-in VT-52 emulator. After unzipping, copy ANSI_ST.prg into the AUTO folder on your boot disk and reboot. Run after screen accelerators such as Warp9/NVDI.
XYZ Shell V3.3
A shell for term programs that allow running external commands. Read the provided documentation to better understand the shell concept.

ZFlash V1.20 (for Flash V1.50 upwards)
A ZModem transfer shell featuring CRC-16 and CRC-32 error checking and batch transfers. Read the provided documentation to better understand this shell program.
ZMDM16 V1.6
Zmdm is another ZModem program derived from rz/sz for Unix and possible to run at 38.4K or higher bps.

This ia a shell for running ZModem for use with the GEM versions of SZ.prg and RZ.prg and can be run with Interlink. Complete on-line documentation.
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