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Atari ST/TT/Falcon Compression & Conversion Software
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Atari ST/TT/Falcon Compression & Conversion Software

LHA for TOS v3.10
A GEM program which includes LHA (de-archiver) that opens the LHA and LZH archives found elsewhere on the site.
ArcShell V3.1
A GEM program designed to work with ST archiver Arc.TTP and Quester's Lzh11316.TTP. It adds a GEM interface to these programs, letting you point and click to select the various options instead of typing commands. Contains a complete GEM-based disk utilities package allowing copying with wildcards and queries, deletions, renames, folder creation and deletion, show free spaces on drives and even run other programs...all without exiting the desktop. Settings can be saved for re-use and "Install Application" feature allows for auto-triggering when clicking on a file with the .arc extension.

This is designed to be a basic, memory-efficient extractor for .zoo files. Designed to be run the command line, it uses macros: l, t, x to list, test and extract. Biggest limitation is that it won't handle directories but will handle high-compression Zoo 2.1 files.
DC Sea V2.0 (Self-Extracting Archive)
Allows you to make a self-extracting program from .arc,.lzh,.zip and .zoo files or vice versa.

DC Xtract V2.1
Manipulates multiple archive files with a click of a mouse button. Use 'rubber box' to grab more than one file at a time. No need to use shells or complex command line options, it uses a GEM window to show the files.
MSA II V2.3+
A new version of the Magic Shadow Archiver that stores complete disks in one file. MSA II will then use the disk image to create a new disk identical to the original. Can be run direct or as an accessory (change .prg to .acc). Complete online documentation.

PFXPak V2.2
This program uses the LHarc-compression routine to pack and unpack other programs. A small decoder is added to the final product to allow for self extraction at about 100K per second.
ESS Code V6.3 (UU-Encode/Decode & Mime)
This program designed to allow users to send and receive binary files as ascii code. Features UU-encode/decode, Mime-encode/decode, BTOA-encode/decode and SHIP-encode/decode. Each of these are accepted standards.

ST UnZip V2.82
A file extraction utility for the ST. Use STZip to unpack.
ST Zip V2.6
A compression/decompression utility compatible with PKZip on the PC and Info-Zip programs for Unix. Use STZip.prg to unzip and utilize the full features of the zipped version. Create a ramdisk of at least 200K and call it 'P' and copy over onto it before you start.

This is a very simple program to convert HTML files to plain ASCII so they can be easily read and edited with a word processor. Simple to use - place the convert.prg in the same folder as the downloaded html file. Double click on the convert program. Your files selector should then appear. Type in the name of the downloaded html file. Click on O.K. and an ascii files will be created out of ther html file. Use an unzipping program to expand.
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