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DOS Miscellaneous Software & Utilities
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DOS Miscellaneous Software & Utilities

McAfee & Associates Virus Utilities
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VirusScan - This is the latest version of a relatively new McFee anti-virus product, VirusScan

Starting with 2.244 this product featured new detection and cleaning engines which perform significantly faster than previous versions of the software. In addition, the memory usage of this new product has been reduced, which allows it to run in even more environments.

If McAfee's FTP site is too busy, you can try a mirror site!
McAfee & Associates Virus Utilities V1.17
Utilities to detect and clean viruses. Shareware program, and quite reliable. Frequently updated to cover new viruses. Use these programs on all downloads from the PDA for maximum safety.
UU utils
A set of utilities for DOS to uuencode and uudecode files and multiple file sets. Also supports the newer XX encoding scheme.
F-PROT version 2.25
The F-PROT anti-virus package contains a virus scanner combined with a disinfection program, as well as a resident monitoring program for intercepting known viruses.
PGP 2.61
PGP is a program used to encrypt ASCII text. It uses RSA public-key crytpography, a very sophisticated form of data encryption, used by governments and large corporations to ensure provacy and security. PGP can be used to encrypt text files that are mailed to a specific recipient and then decoded. Many people use PGP to encrypt outgoing email, which ensures provacy. Note: PGP is not easy to configure, and it is not supported by CCN.

BinHex 1.3 (Dos)
Binhex encoding converts an 8-bit file into a 7-bit format. This allows files with 'non-printable' characters to be transmitted using Internet mail. Binhex is a common Macintosh transfer format. More info...

A utility to convert binary files to Intel .HEX format for MS-DOS or PC-DOS systems. This unique utility uses dos 'debug' to encode/decode files. Because debug is part of every dos system it's always handy! (Like edlin... ;-)
  • Makehex README
  • makehex files directory listing.

    Note: empty.xms is a '0' (zero) length file used only as an example of a 'boundary' condition.

Color Directory
This is an excellent directory viewer. It shows the files in colour using a different colour for each file type. The display is six columns wide and automatically pauses when the screen fills. It can show files ordered by name, date, or size and may be customised to the user's specifications.
This is Franck Uberto's XMSDSK, an update to RAMDRIVE.sys. It allows the DOS user to set up a RAM drive with a drive letter and cluster size of choice. The drive may be resized at any time from the DOS command line. A bonus is the program uses much less memory than RAMDRIVE.sys.
Impulse Tracker
Here is an excellent MOD and MIDI player/composer. The options are *extensive* with this great program and way to numerous to list here, but include full editing of individual samples, and pitch & speed control. Impulse Tracker's interface is pleasing and can be customised.
This is a DOS EDIT replacement. It has many options and can be set to various Margins with Adjustable wrap points. Blocking is greatly improved, as is text layout capability when compared to Microsoft's EDIT. EDIT! includes a Bookmarking Setup, Centered-Text capability, Shell-to-DOS, Network Support, is able to open Multiple Files or Groups of Files, has a Windowed Interface, can Convert to & from Unix and Macintosh text formats, and has Undo, Search & Replace, and Clipboard capabilities. Many more options are available.
This allows the user to change the DOS Screen Font to one easier to read.
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